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My name is Josh Ryan. I am a 20 year old multi-instrumentalist/producer, currently based out of Nashville TN. I've been playing for 12 years, and for the last several years I've been working as a session and touring player for many local and international artists (such as Noah Kahan, Meredith Andrews, Krigare, Roeco, and many more), as well as doing production for many of them. For a reasonable price, I would love to help further your creative vision for your music. Whether that means me tracking bass, guitar, or helping you build a full production on your song!

I do my work out of a couple different studios. My project studio (with a 2018 MacBook Pro, a Kemper Amp Profiler, a Universal Audio Apollo Twin, Logic Pro X/Pro Tools, a Seuf Custom Stratocaster, PRS 245, Brian May Red Special, Timberline T-85 Acoustic (typically recorded with a Slate VMS Microphone), a large assortment of pedals, a Warmoth PJ Bass, Waves Mercury Bundle, Slate Everything Bundle, many UAD pluggin's, and a huge array of Native Instruments and Arturia VST's), and my main prodution studio shares a lot of the same gear, with the addition of some hardware synths (Juno 6, Deepmind 12, Model D, and more).

(1) BASS OR GUITAR TRACKING - $75 - I will record bass or guitar on your song. I will typically go from my Kemper, into very workable and minor amounts of EQ/compression, that way I can meet whatever vibe you're looking for for your song.

(2) BASS AND GUITAR TRACKING - $125 - I will record both bass and guitar on your song. Same process for recording, just twice the fun!

(3) FULL PRODUCTION - $250 - I will run a full production on your song, minus mix/master. This includes any programming or live instrumentation your song might need!

Impossible Girl - Roeco

I produced this song with my band, and played the bass and guitar on it.
  • Impossible Girl - Roeco
  • Off The Phone - Roeco

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