Professional Acoustic Guitar Tracks for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Alex Conerly

Professional Acoustic Guitar Tracks for $100

I will record up to 3 professional acoustic guitar tracks for your song! I have worked in Nashville TN for 10+ years as a studio and live performing guitarist. I am comfortable and experienced with most any style of music.

I have a variety of guitars from Taylor, Martin, Waterloo, and more, which I can use for whatever works best for the song. I can even record a baritone acoustic and/or a "high-strung" (nashville tuning) if you like.

Recording gear:
I record into Neumann condenser and/or Royer Ribbon microphones (depending on the song), into Neve Preamps, into an Apogee Symphony A/D converter using Pro Tools.

I will send you the tracks back at the same sampling and bit rate as you send to me. Looking forward to working with you!

Lonely Mississippi Blues

The Barefoot Movement. I played guitar and sang lead vocal
  • Lonely Mississippi Blues

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