Electic/Acoustic tracks guitar for $20

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Electic/Acoustic tracks guitar for $20

Hello, I'm Ethan! I'm a 15 year old guitarist and vocalist. I've been playing guitar for 6 year now, and play shows on a weekly basis. I'm starting to save up to pruchase some new gear for my performances, and I would love to record guitar for you!

To record I use a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard High Performance guitar, a scarlet 2i2 audio interface. I record in Pro Tools, and I typically use The MK Eleven Amp Emulator plugin for amplifiers allowing me a large range of life-like sounding amplifiers. Additionally I use a few pedals including the Boss DS1, a boss ME80, and a DigiTech Freqout.

I will record two tracks with 2 revisions each.
If you are not satisfied a refund will be provided!


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