Studio Guitarist & Recording Engineer for $80

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Studio Guitarist & Recording Engineer for $80

I am a professional studio musician & audio engineer. The most simple but accurate way to let you understand my talent as a guitarist is to put the word, "virtuoso" in your mind.

My primary instrument as a studio musician is an acoustic guitar. I play a "Taylor 214ce". I record through an M-Audio interface where the audio signal is re-routed through analog external processors/effects for the most part. The audio is alway set to record at 24bit/48khz for optimum quality. I have several professional condenser microphones along with all of the audio engineering essentials as well.

I am also fluent & own these following instruments:
1. Acoustic/Electric Guitar
2. Bass
3. Keyboard
4. Cajon/Percussion
5. Vocals
*Listed above are available instruments within this service when purchased separately.

I graduated from The Institute of Audio Research & I have been actively working in the industry for over eight years.
I have been playing guitar/singing for over eighteen years & I am also a songwriter.
I do very well asking my clients the right kind of questions. Specifics are very important to me prior to starting a new project. This way I can more accurately meet my clients expectations.
I typically work with my clients via internet most of the time however, for those who prefer more of a personal project collaboration, I always keep the door to my 1,500 sq ' studio open for session.
I offer a lot of free revisions especially when working via internet. As long as people are not abusive to this leniency then I don't have a problem with improving upon a project.

I do not provide money back guarantee as it is impossible to take my time back. I don't see this as a problem at all as long as you know what your looking for & are specific with me about the plans of your project
Basic edits & level adjustments are included in this service and are applied as needed. (FOR A FULL MIX AND/OR SPECIALTY SERVICES, SEE MY OTHER GIGS)

Please, feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions or concerns. No hesitation : )

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