Stereo Acoustic Package for $110

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Stereo Acoustic Package for $110

2 x 'stellar' guitar tracks recorded independently for lush stereo richness.

I record my £3700 Fylde acoustic guitar using two signals, one from an AKG c414 condenser mic and the other from the D'addario piezo installed in the guitar. Tracks can be sent either dry and/or with added light verbs/eq/comps.

I have over 17 years experience playing and recording music, having recorded guitar on hundreds of tracks. Have a listen to samples of my work below.

I can play in any style/genre necessary, and I can also call upon a number of differing techniques to achieve the desired result (Strumming, fingerstyle, soloing, travis picking, slapping, tapping, harmonics etc). I also specialise in advanced fingerstyle. I have found fingerpicking to be a very popular option during sessions. When arranged skilfully and recorded correctly, it can really tie a piece of music together beautifully.

I'll take the time to really listen to your songs, to understand every detail of your brief and to exceed expectations. Looking forward to some exciting collaborations.

Girl With the Feather Tattoo

Flamenco style
  • Girl With the Feather Tattoo
  • Sirukki
  • Canning Town Blues

2 Reviews

  1. Review By: stevet2047 Apr 21, 2019

    Awesome job and delivered early! Thx

  2. Review By: ccomet Jan 11, 2019

    Jack Did a great Job taking the time to understand what I wanted, and was able to provide me with with what I needed, and delivered the stems in the format I had requested. Great sounding guitar. Thank you
    Chris Comet