Professional Guitar Tracks (any genre/style) for $75

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Professional Guitar Tracks (any genre/style) for $75

I am a professional session guitarist with my own studio set up and lots of experience of online session work. I have worked with artists and producers such as Christina Novelli (no.1 selling Dance act), Karl Johnson (Bon Jovi & Nickelback support act 2006), Charles Foskett (shmusicmusic - Bonnie Tyler, Lauren Field, Ringo Starr, Cliff Richard, Elvis Costello etc) and Ektor J Carreon.

My recording method usually involves building up multiple layers, here is an example of how I would approach a typical pop/rock track…

Part 1 - Clean Guitar - strums on chord changes
Part 2 - Clean Guitar - melodic chordal lines
Part 3 - Distorted Guitar - Powerchords on chord changes
Part 4 - Distorted Guitar - 18th note rhythms
Part 5 - Distorted Guitar - Octave melodies/Higher chord movements
Part 6 - Lead Guitar
Part 7 - Acoustic Guitar

This method can change depending on the genre and nature of the song I am working on. I also double track each part so the producer can pan left and right.

If you have any specific requests I will always work towards them. I will also perform up to 5 revisions as part of my service.


2x Les Pauls
2x Fender Strat
Atlas Custom Gutiar (endorsee model)
Takamine Acoustic
Kramer Jersey Star
Ibanez RG370
&many more

Marshall JCM2000DSL
Blackstar HT-5R
access to many more

Recording Equipment:
Pro Tools equipped Mac
AKG 3000B condenser mic
Shure SM57 dynamic mic
(access to many other microphones)
Goldenage Pre 73 preamp
Waves plug-ins
many more plug-ins & can also record on Logic

I have access to recording studios nearby, so can access many more different microphones/environments/amps should you require me to do so.

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