Clean up mixing mastering Audio Podcast,Zoom,Film for $50

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Clean up mixing mastering Audio Podcast,Zoom,Film for $50

I'm a professional audio engineer.

Cleanup Audio includes:
• Noise Reduction - background noise, hum, electrical interference, ambient background sounds
• Removal/Reduction of Clicks, Crackle, Pops, Plosives ("buh" and "puh" distortion on breathy words), glitches, bumps, separate dialogue from background music (results can vary), rustle, remove hum / hiss etc.
• De-Reverb - attenuate/remove room tone for a drier, cleaner sound
• EQ Filtering of problematic frequencies
• Spectral Repair - attenuation/removal of unwanted noises, phones, beeps, bumps and knocks.
• Harmonic Synthesis - generate missing harmonic content for a fuller sound.

I can edit all kind of audio files no matter if it's a .WAV or .MP3 OR ANY OTHER format. I can convert it to the format you want.

I will fix audio and provide audio restoration.

Looking forward to work with you.

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