Podcast Editing [25$/hour] for $25

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Podcast Editing [25$/hour] for $25

Hi, I'm gonna edit your podcast.

I already edit a brazilian law podcast called "Paducast". I know the language might be a problem for you to understand, but you can hear the quality of my editing on: https://anchor.fm/paducast (or really anywhere that you hear podcasts, like Spotify).

.:: How it works ::.
1: I will remove any annoying sounds (like: breaths, uhms, background noises, silence and pops - where it's possible);

2: Eq and compress to ensure a professional sound quality;

3: Add Intro and outro provided by you**
** If you don't have one I can help you with that, with an extra fee ;

4: Add royalty free background music, if you choose to.

You will have one revision :)

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