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“A kind of flawless and pure crossover between Paul Simon, Don McLean and Jeff Buckley. As a singer, guitarist and composer, Tate belongs to the best there is.” — Heaven Magazine, The Netherlands

My name is Dave Tate. I am a professional singer and I have 20 years of experience writing, performing and recording professional lead and backing vocals on hundreds of tracks. I studied vocal performance for five years at various top universities. I have starred in folk/rock/pop groups and held leading roles in operatic and jazz performances. I have performed my own material across the US and in Europe on multiple occasions.

I can usually complete work within 3-5 days. I am very easy to work with, communicate well and I will put my heart and soul into your project. I have over a 3 1/2 octave vocal range (very large). Versatility is my strength. Pop/Folk/Jazz/Alternative Rock or classical. I can read music or learn things by ear very quickly. I am a professional singer with my own material and as a wedding singer. I am used to learning songs quickly and perfecting them quickly.

I have a professional, commercial studio where I track my projects and clients from all over the country. For most projects I use a Telefunken U47 clone and a Neve preamp into ProTools HD I/O convertors. I use Focal Twins for monitoring and my room is treated extremely well. I have 10 years + experience as an Audio Engineer.

I can provide you the raw files and a rough mix. For an additional fee I can also professionally mix and even master your song. Send me the details of what you would like and we can work something out.

What I need to begin your session:

1. Stereo MP3 or WAV backing track
2. Vocal scratch track (this can be any quality as long as I can hear it clearly)
3. A detailed description or reference of what you would like the performance to sound like, the emotions you want to evoke and a description of what the lyrics mean to you. The more I can get inside your head and heart about the songs meaning the more I can make it mean something to me and the greater the result will be.

I can send back my raw tracks and a rough mix in any format(s) you need. Thank you for putting your trust in me to take care of your creation. I know what an honor that is. I look forward to working with you! - Dave

Favorite Part (indie/pop)

Original Song (professionally recorded and mixed in my studio)
  • Favorite Part (indie/pop)
  • Sweet Caress (indie/folk)
  • Pleasure for Pain
  • Anika
  • Crash (cover) - Dave Matthews Band
  • I Won't Give Up (cover) - Jason Mraz

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