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Hello. Thank you for checking out my gig. I am new here but an expert providing my services remotely. I am OFFERING; to write your original song, sing the lead vocal, background harmony vocals, adlibs, stacks, music track and professional mix along with vocal stems. I try to keep my fees reasonable while providing great vocals, patience and undivided attention to each project.

I have a wide vocal range and can sing comfortably in popular keys and genres (Pop, RnB, EDM, Dance, Gospel) including musical theater, classical and jazz.

**All vocals are professionally recorded.
· I will do small revisions (limited), VERY SPECIFIC changes at no extra charge.
· Extra charge for major revisions like: "Change the lyrics of the chorus”, "Change the entire rhythm of the verse”, "Change the melody of the bridge", "Sing the song like this instead".

Commercial Agreement is available for an extra fee.

Special Request please message me to prepare a custom offer for you

A BIT ABOUT ME: I have been in the entertainment business for decades and have had some amazing opportunities to be in the studio with, to sing with and/or to write with Robin Thicke (Walter Afanasieff, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Pharrell Williams), Christopher Stewart (Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey), Dave"Jam" Hall (Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson)……. just to drop a few name. Experience makes a difference. I have also been a major label artist for Universal and Warner Bros in addition to providing my services for Disney, stage productions and more.

I perform often as well as maintain an online presence providing lead vocals, background vocals, vocal arrangements, music production, jingles, etc. I maintain a very well equipped and engineered studio that has allowed me to successfully complete over 500 projects both large and mostly none are too small
...wink..wink... via my own website. Mostly, I am really happy I can do this remotely and work with people all over the world. No limits!

I normally check my messages every two to three days. So contact me today and let's get started.

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