Professional Backing Vocals or Choir Effect for $145

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Professional Backing Vocals or Choir Effect for $145

Hi I am Madishu, a professional vocalist and singer-songwriter, with a Bachelor degree in Songwriting and Music Performance and years of experience as a session musician as well as a signed recording artist and a live singer.

The Backing Vocals Package includes:
4 Backing Vocals (Harmonies) arranged by me throughout your track
2 Add Libs

The Choir Effect Package includes:
3 Tracks with different harmonies
3 Doubles of the tracks
3 Lead Vocal tracks with different singing style to create the effect of more people singing it

For Lead Vocals recording, Ghostwriting or full songwriting and production package contact me or check out my other services:)

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Microphone - Neumann 103 (Logic Pro X)

Services delivered to you via this particular service is consider work-for-hire.

  • Gospel
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • EDM
  • Neo soul

m8 come over

with BVs and choir in the last chorus
  • m8 come over
  • kinda wish I kissed you
  • All through your love

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