over 3Mil streams - Professional TOPLINE songwriter and vocalist for $1250

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Madishu

over 3Mil streams - Professional TOPLINE songwriter and vocalist for $1250

Hi I am Madishu, a professional vocalist, with a Bachelor degree in Songwriting and Music Performance and years of experience as a session musician as well as a signed recording artist and a live singer.
I have worked with a lot of well known brands and Labels (Atlantic Records, Invissibobble, etc) as well as artists like Harris and Ford, Moonboy, Star Seed and more.
Similar artists: Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, SZA, Olivia Rodrigo.
Here is one of the most recent Collabs.

The Songwriting Full Vocal Package includes:
Lyrics+Melody for your provided track.
1 Lead Vocal
2 Doubles
2 Backing Vocals (Harmonies)
1 Add Libs
up to 3 min
You will receive all the stems dry, wet and one file of all the vocals mixed.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Microphone - Neumann 103 (Logic Pro X)

Vocals delivered to you via this particular service is consider work-for-hire.
NO PUBLIC RELEASE WITH MY NAME ON IT SUCH AS A FEATURE OR COLLAB - if you must credit you can use my artist name Madishu as a songwriter.

  • EDM
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Soul
  • Singer-Songwriter

Drum and Bass

Need U
  • Drum and Bass
  • Contemporary RNB
  • Pop-Rock
  • Alternative
  • RnB
  • Indie Pop
  • Soul
  • Hip Hop

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