Professional backing vocalist providing mesmerising harmonies for $65

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Professional backing vocalist providing mesmerising harmonies for $65

Hi, my name is Esther, I’m a professional singer/songwriter/backing vocalist/vocal coach based in the UK. If you are looking for someone to help your song come to life with multi-layered, mesmerising harmonies then look no further! (Head to my bio to read about my musical background!)

My vocals:
I enjoy challenging myself with any genre so if you find my voice fits your track then I’m sure I’ll have a great time recording harmonies for you! I have a wide vocal range (D3-G5), can deliver vocals on a smooth, deep tone as well as high, breathy notes on head voice, but also confident with belting. I’m influenced by singers with a tender vocal performance such as Norah Jones, Billie Eilish as well as pop-divas like Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga. I have a strong knowledge in music theory and an excellent ear for harmonies I am always able to come up with some beautiful backing vocal parts. I also have a great ability to blend in, to the point when I breath with the singer I harmonies with. But I’m happy to stand out if the music requires to put the harmonies in the spotlight! ;)

What I provide:
I will provide as many vocals harmonies as you like (comped) on top of the lines that you specify as well as recording some background texture oohs and ahhs where required. I can also record adlibs where appropriate. I will send you the stems both as raw and as basic edit tracks (using some EQ, compression, reverbs - depending on your requirements). If you’d like anything to be double tracked then let me know in advance! I also work as a SONGWRITER/TOPLINER as well as a RECORDING ARTIST so if you’d like me to write lyrics/melody for your track or record lead vocals then let me know.

- Audio -Technica AT3035 Cardioid Condenser Mic
- Apogee Duet Audio Interface
- Logic Pro X
- industry standard plugins (vocals effects, reverbs)

Important info:
- rate applies to songs up to 4 minutes long
- 2 minor revisions
- royalty splits: negotiable, discuss if you’d like to use my name upon release
- fast turn-around, after agreeing on details I can provide the song within 5 days
- discount available when collaborating on multiple songs
- no swear words

  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • Folk
  • Soul
  • Electronic

Willow (Taylor Swift cover)

cover song
  • Willow (Taylor Swift cover)
  • Everything I wanted (Billie Eilish cover)
  • Hearts in two (Sleepy Folk)
  • Lucidly (The Llamas)

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