Warm, mellow & earthy Vocals: Lead, Backing & ad libs all included for $150

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) By Nicola

Warm, mellow & earthy Vocals: Lead, Backing & ad libs all included for $150


As a vocalist...

- Warm, earthy and clear vocal tone/color
- well-trained & developed soprano & alto voice
- All kinds of vocal improvisation/ad-libs from simple melodies to virtuos jazz
- studied jazz & pop singer (2nd year Bachelor in jazz/pop vocals)
- over 15 years of individual vocal lessons
- several remote recording projects with other musicians/artists/producers

As a recording artist... you'll get from me:

- prompt delivery of my recordings to meet your deadline
- Lead Vocals (double-tracked if desired), Backing Vocals, ad-libs/vocal
improvisation (this gig includes ALL; check out my other gigs that include only
Backing or Lead vocals)
- raw vocal recordings (not mixed)
- project files AND/OR wave files of my vocal recordings
- 1 version of my entire vocal recordings over your song
- 2 revisions after my first recording to make it perfect

As a person...
- I take my job as a professional singer very serious.
- I have a quick & reliable recording workflow.
- I'm All In: I want to give your music a personal voice and wanna work WITH
you to make my recordings fit your musical vision.
- regular checking in with your ideas

Equipment Rundown:
- DAW Cubase
- Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 interface
- condenser microphone Rode
- t.bone Micscreen XL for isolation
- Yamaha HS5 monitor boxes
- AKG studio headphones

Thrilled to be working with you!


  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Swing
  • Singer-Songwriter

"okay" by "behind a cloud"

recorded vocals and wrote vocal melody and lyrics
  • "okay" by "behind a cloud"
  • Night Sky written by Jonas Blume (rough mix)
  • "Timeless Fantasies" written by Ursula Wienken

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