Vocals Demo, Leads, BGVs, etc for $150

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Vocals Demo, Leads, BGVs, etc for $150

My name is Kamber and I am a Nashville-based vocalist. I front an alt // rock // metal band (similar to PVRIS, Deftones, Flyleaf, Paramore) and tour solo as a singer-songwriter (similar to Tori Amos, Kate Bush, and PJ Harvey).

I am a versatile female vocalist with a wide range. Depending on the project, I can give a raw, emotional, gritty alternative and/or rock sound, or a tender, heartfelt, pure sound.

I record with a professional audio engineer in a Nashville-based studio (Harmonics House) using a custom vocal chain featuring an EU Audio Warbler. I have a 5 day turn-around that includes lead vocals, and up to three background vocal tracks (harmonies, ad libs, etc). This includes any professional audio compression, editing, and tuning to provide a "radio-ready" sound for your track! I will make up to 3 revisions as needed.

Once we agree to move forward with the project, I will send a "test" sample clip to make sure the client is happy with the project's direction. If not, I will make adjustments as needed. Once the project is complete, I will send an mp3 or WAV (whichever is needed). Once the funds are released, I can also send audio stems as well.

Bottom line: Vocal leads, background vocals, edited, compressed, and tuned = $150

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