Record kick ass rock vocals on your track for $60

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Record kick ass rock vocals on your track for $60

My name's Sven, I'm a singer who's recently graduated from The Academy of Contemporary Music with a First Class Degree in vocals!
I've performed at huge events such as Download Festival (the biggest rock festival in the UK) with my kick-ass rock band, Dirty Rose. I've appeared on TV countless times, including the most recent series of X Factor.

I'm looking to get involved with your projects, keen to do what ever you need, covers, originals, lyrics, anything, just drop me a message!

*Please DM me first for a custom quote, my page price is my starting figure and each project could cost more depending on what you need*

Aston Spirit Microphone & Komplete Audio Inferface

I am most comfortable singing at a tenor vocal range, with hard gritty-mids and a light falsetto, think Green Day / Van Halen kinda mix. Also I'm from the UK so don't worry about any miss-pronunciations that other singers occasionally suffer from, can do American Accent or keep it British.

Drop me a message for a custom offer depending on your project. You will own this and be permitted to put it online / on Spotify or where ever you want, (For legal reasons you cannot use my name as an *artist* [eg. Feat (Sven)] unless I have given you specific clearance and permission , thanks!)

I will perform reasonable revisions for free, but I won't be able to do any if it's due to you not providing enough info, just be as specific as you can :)

Check out more of my bands music to hear my vocals on Spotify / YouTube under Dirty Rose!

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