RICH, PRECISE, VERSATILE Female Vocals - Lead/Backing for $333

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RICH, PRECISE, VERSATILE Female Vocals - Lead/Backing for $333


Based in CLT, with Lux Productions' complete studio services, Staci Braun provides work-for-hire lead and backing vocals with unique abilities to cover music from bluegrass to jazz. Voice-over work and multi-genre experience allows her to match many style/tonal qualities for wide ranging projects.

Staci's natural voice is soulful, clear, straightforward, with ability to use breathy tone, belt, and agility for runs - her specialty is wild ad libs and complex layered harmonies.

As an award-winning singer-songwriter and pianist, Staci is also available for toplining melody and lyrics, session keys, and arranging.

RANGE: A2 - C6

GEAR: Avantone CV-12 tube microphone, Shure SM7B mic, LogicPro X, Apogee Quartet

PRODUCT: 1 lead vocal and up to 4 harmony backing vocals, as pristine tuned/edited 44.1kHz WAV/lossless files, dry/light/full produx processing options included

PROCESS: Send an email address for file transfer instructions. You will receive a reply with detailed form including link for transfer of files. Finished vocals will be returned to you in days, and any revisions completed asap.

Doubled (separate take) lead vocals, and complex layered harmonies/ad libs available - connect with project details for an accurate quote.

  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Soul
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Pop

Lead/Backing Reel

What A Wonderful World / Desperado / God Bless The Child / the bast
  • Lead/Backing Reel

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