Lead, Harmony, and Backing Vocals for $100

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Hope Godwin

Lead, Harmony, and Backing Vocals for $100

Hey everyone, I'm Hope. I am a vocalists/guitarist who is the music production realm. I have lots of experience in genres such as acoustic, indie, pop, country, and worship. I also have a lot of experience with writing and recording my own music and hope to be able to help you with yours.

Please message me before you order so that I can check my availability.

Here are some basics things you should know about the business you'll be getting from me:

- My orders will be given within 5 days of the date I've accepted the order. If for some reason something goes wrong in the process, I will be sure to let you know in plenty of time what is occurring and how I'm hoping to fix it.
- My top priority is seeing to that you get whatever order you ask for in the way you ask for it.
- If the recording that you have been given by me is not what you intended to receive, I will make sure to make adjustments. I'm open to as many critiques as needed in the process in order for your vision to be well executed.
-Orders that I don't believe are a good fit for me, I will decline. This doesn't happen often, but may potentially occur.

My Equipment:
- The program I use is primarily the latest OS version of Garageband. However, I'm making a switch soon to Logic Pro X.
- My guitars are a Big Baby Taylor and an Ibanez AEG series
- The microphones I have are a Sterling audio ST51 Large Diaphragm Condenser and Samson G Track Pro.
- The Interface I use is a BEHRINGER Audio Interface UMC22
- Accessories I have include a pop filter, shock mount, and noise cancelling SONY headphones.
- My voice is pure, smooth, and easy to listen to.

Links are attached to my Youtube channel and other forms of media. Audio is also provided for you to hear what I'm capable of on both guitar and vocals.

Please let me know if you are interested in working with me. I'm easy to communicate with so don't hesitate to ask questions. I look forward to successfully executing your vision, whether it be on the guitar or vocally.

Thanks guys!


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