Soulful, RnB lead/backing vocals and lyrics for most any genre song for $80

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Soulful, RnB lead/backing vocals and lyrics for most any genre song for $80

Heya! I'm a singer, songwriter from Romania (and no, you won't hear an accent in my singing, unless you want to).
I have training in choir singing, being a soprano in the choir for 3 years and completed 5 years of singing lessons.
However, I've experimented with jazz, rock, electro, RnB, blues and many other genres, so I'm quite malleable and love to experiment with different sounds and productions.
If you like my voice, but don't see how I could fit/would be able or like to do a certain genre or type of song you've created, I would say give it a try. I sometimes surprise myself with where creativity leads me and how it changes my voice.
I currently have access to my home studio. I have an AKG P120 microphone. If need be, I can schedule a professional studio session in order to record vocals.

When it comes to creating the voice for a song, I always try to go as much as I can for the raw feeling, for the deepest message I can access within me. I want the goosebumps and the passion.

Lyrics-wise, if you're looking for deep, meaningful, even with a dash of philosophical, but nowhere near sombre, then you've come to the right place. Of course, I can also do the pop-type of lyrics, the simple and direct type of message.

The demo's on my profile are all original compositions, lyrics and melodies are my design.

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