Award Winning Multi Genre Vocalist for $220

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Joel Jorgensen

Award Winning Multi Genre Vocalist for $220

Top 40 rock pop dance country classic rock folk vocalist Parody Artist Joel Jorgensen has been producing recording and Singing professionally for over a decade.

MTV, VH1, CMT, Sony Music Global, EPIC, Sirius,
EMI, ASCAP, BMI, Warner Chapel, Century Media, SpitFire, Punkaristocrats

Gear: U87
Logic, AVID, Apogee, UA710, EL8

Services include two revision:

Stereo Main vocal Verse and Chorus tuned

I also perform Parodies for over 200 radio stations world wide.
Voices include:

  • Rock
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • EDM
  • Hard Rock

Drunk Enough

Vocalist, Writer
  • Drunk Enough
  • Invention
  • Never Change
  • Carolina

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