Vocoder or Talkbox for $75

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Vocoder or Talkbox for $75

Want to give your song a Daft Punk vibe? Maybe a classic rock edge like Peter Frampton, Aerosmith, or Bon Jovi! Whatever robotic voice you're looking for, I can add it to create a unique voice for your song.

Harmonies, lead vocal, instrumental, and solo tracks are all available. You can use your existing vocal stems or I can create them. You can even have your drums run through the vocoder to create a cool synth drum effect. Im happy to help you with as much or as little as you would like for your song.

Electrix Warp Factory Vocoder
Vintage EHX Golden Throat Talkbox

Instruments to pair with:
Roland JU-06
Arturia Synth Library
Novation Impulse Controller
Gibson Les Paul

ProTools I Logic

Telefunken 76
Neve 1073

Mic Locker:
Shure SM7b
Slate Emulation Mic System
Neumann U47 MKII
Neumann U67 MKII
Neumann U49
Neumann M269
RCA 44
Sony C-37a
Sony c800
Sony c800M
Telefunken 251E
Telefunken C12

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Talkbox Vocoder Demo

  • Talkbox Vocoder Demo

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