Accordion track from real french accordionist for $130

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Accordion track from real french accordionist for $130

Being french and playing the accordion looks like a "cliché", uh ? But it's real !-)
I have been playing the accordion for more than 30 years, in every style possible, from classical "musette" waltzes to hard electro with funny effects... I also recorded for soundtrack for an amusement park, with various singers (french, US, german, etc.). Pretty much everything...
And I really like discussing with you to provide the best sound possible. I am here to serve YOUR music.

So... I can produce an acoustic accordion track for almost any style, especially :
- songs of any type
- any musical piece

They can be written on a score, or I can produce an improvisation based on a chord grid.

I use a very good quality Ballone Burini chromatic accordion, with microphones directly included in the instrument. Sound is proceeded through a digital interface, and recorded in Reaper or equivalent.

Occasionnaly, I can use digital effects on the accordion track.
The track is delivered in .wav format, or any lossless format.
If not satisfied with the first track, an additional take is included, and I offer the "money back guaranteed" if not satisfied.

So... I will be happy to record your music soon !

PS : look at my reviews... people seem pretty happy !-)

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