Piano/Rhodes/Analog Synths/Pads/Acoustic Piano/Organ B3/Analog Preamps, Eq and Comps Recording High Quality for $150

In Piano, Keys, Synth By Kemuel Roig

Piano/Rhodes/Analog Synths/Pads/Acoustic Piano/Organ B3/Analog Preamps, Eq and Comps Recording High Quality for $150

Recording, producing and arranging is a passion of mine and one I have developed on sessions with professional musicians such as Abraham Laboriel Sr, Abraham Laboriel Jr, Isaac Delgado, Chris Potter, Ricardo Rodriguez, Marcos Yaroide, Marcos Vidal, Alain Perez, among many, many more...

On my home studio where I do many recordings yearly I have SSL and Neve 1073 Preamps / EQ / Compressions. All going to my Audio Converter Apogee. I have a Nord Stage 3 88 keys, Moog Subsequent, Prophet 6, Roland XP, Yamaha Motif, Korg keyboards. Also plug ins used in the industry nowadays such as Keyscape, Omnisphere, Komplete, Spitfire Instruments, among many, many other plugins for piano and production. For acoustic piano I have a Yamaha C7 and for mics I have a collection of the Earthworks High Definition Microphones for the piano. So on each session using the Acoustic Piano you will receive 2 channel of close mic and 2 channels of the room with wooden floor.

Each session I will send all the individuals channels of the instruments, separate effects channels when applied, as well as a rough mix of the track as a rough demo for you.

For a DAW I use Logic and ProTools.

I am including a total of 1 revision for each of your projects. This means that you can book confidentially knowing that if you didn't like a specific part of the take it can be done again. *Please noticed the acoustic piano needs to be tuned before each session. If you would like the acoustic piano to be used on your session there will be an extra charge of $150 for the piano technician to tune the piano. In case of a recording with the acoustic piano its important you are on call to check the revision right away. If the revision is checked by you the following day and there is something that needs to be changed then a tuning the piano will be required again. This is a requirement to offer you the highest most professional sound quality!
If your session is with a keyboard, then I will offer you 2 revision.

The session will be recorded as soon as received it. I do sessions daily and will give you an estimated time when you should receive your session. Delivery should be made in a maximum of 48 hours!

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  • Jazz
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  • Pop-Rock
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