Piano, B3, keys, string arrangements for $70

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Piano, B3, keys, string arrangements for $70

I have played in cover bands since 1976 in Texas. I have played a lot of rock, blues, country, worship music, and a fair amount of jazz. I have a lot of experience producing and arranging in a studio environment being careful to only put in what the song needs and also compliments the other instruments. I usually amaze and satisfy people with my first take. But I will of course do my best to revise a track and make it right when needed. I currently have a Yamaha S90, Yamaha MM6, Nord Electro 2, Roland JV110, and a Yamaha p155. The Nord does a great job of simulating the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer 200A, and of course the Hammond B3 with the Leslie speaker. The Yamaha S90 has incredible acoustic piano sounds and string samples. I record in 24 bit. I will usually have a 3 day turn around. If its more urgent than that lets talk about it.

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Excerpts from previous projects

  • Excerpts from previous projects

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