Pro Keyboards Recording/Production Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Synth for $100

In Piano, Keys, Synth 100% Guarantee By Norbert Varga

Pro Keyboards Recording/Production Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Synth for $100

Worldwide touring professional keyboard player, arranger and producer with a bachelor's degree in music and over 20 years of professional experience.
I specialize in 60s/70s electric piano and organ playing as well as 70s/80s style synths and programming.
I'm experienced in Rock, Pop, Soul, Funky, Blues and Jazz styles.
I utilise a large collection of vintage keyboards as well as top notch software.

My service:
- First of all I will listen to your demo and make notes of what I think it needs.
- Then I make a plan and record my parts
- After my parts are recorded I'll ask you to have a listen
- We discuss your feedback and work out changes if any
- Then I'll provide the final edited track, ready for mixing

I work fast and I'm easy going. You can always ask me anything, my main priority is that you're happy with the results.

My service is guaranteed, if you're not happy I'll give you a full refund.

Looking forward to working with you!

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Electronic

Roots Mash - Cuatro Dias

Hammond organ, Clavinet
  • Roots Mash - Cuatro Dias
  • Miles Sunrise
  • Longing
  • The Doors Alive - Ghost Song
  • GG Writer - Always On The Run
  • GG Writer - Saturday Night

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