Piano track for singers. Musical theatre, opera, classical etc. for $32

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Piano track for singers. Musical theatre, opera, classical etc. for $32

If you need the piano track for certain song (musical, pop tune) for practice purposes or for audition - I will record it for you on piano. I can also record click on it to make it comfortable for you if the song has tempo changes or "colla voce" parts.
You will receive three wav or mp3 files in three different tempos for practice purposes (normal, little slower and slow). You'll get THREE tracks for the price of one!!!!!!!

3 Reviews

  1. Review By: gismo Mar 18, 2019

    Eugene is a total pro! He gave me what I asked for, for my song showing that he is truly an artist and a musician.

  2. Review By: Chris25 Mar 14, 2019

    Great Work ! You are perfect !
    Thank You !

  3. Review By: josephfessman Jan 6, 2019

    fantastic performer extremely qualified

  4. Review By: glanis Sep 17, 2018

    Thank you Eugene!You made my songs better than I could imagine.

  5. Review By: Frank Sep 10, 2018

    Nice tracks received which I can add to my song.
    Good experience.

  6. Review By: bigblue Sep 1, 2018

    Another brilliant piece of work from Eugene, this guy makes me feel like a genius because his contributions enhance every song I send him. Absolutely the best,JJ

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  7. Review By: Neiltgrant Aug 31, 2018

    Great musician and arranger, excellent interaction to achieve the results desired. This is the second project that we are delighted with. Highly recommend Eugene.

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  8. Review By: aaarld Jun 20, 2018

    Eugene is great perhaps my best experiences of this kind so far just what I needed & when I needed it! Thanks so much Eugene I am going to send you tip!

  9. Review By: Neiltgrant Jun 19, 2018

    Excellent. Highly recommended.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  10. Review By: Livingston Jun 16, 2018

    Fantastic musician. Highly recommended.

  11. Review By: gismo Jun 16, 2018

    It was a pleasure working with Eugene. He's a consummate musician/artist, who
    at all times was professional and showed how he made the song is own, so it
    sounded like the passion was interwoven into the groove.

  12. Review By: evan11 Jun 7, 2018

    A very accomplished musician. I appreciate his willingness to have such good correspondence with me. I highly recommend.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  13. Review By: Neiltgrant Jun 4, 2018

    Eugene is a fine artist, musician and communicator. We are extremely happy with his work. He exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend him and will be using his services again.

  14. Review By: Neiltgrant Jun 4, 2018

    Extremely happy with the service. Exceeded our wishes. Very good communication. Highly recommended.

  15. Review By: DazzyB May 28, 2018

    Very pleased. Eugene's fluid playing and melodic ideas really added to the track. Would certainly recommend.

  16. Review By: christhehall May 22, 2018

    Eugene is a masterful player and an absolute professional. He takes direction and elevates the track so much. He is a true pleasure to work with.

  17. Review By: bigblue May 20, 2018

    As always ,Eugene delivers the perfect parts for the song . I have lost count of how many times i have used his talents , whatever i send him , regardless of style , he totally nails it, superb, JJ

  18. Review By: glanis May 17, 2018

    There is not many words that can describe this guy.He is just fantastic!!!

  19. Review By: glanis Apr 17, 2018

    Special as always!!!Simply amazing pianist!!!Thank you Eugene!

  20. Review By: glanis Mar 28, 2018

    excellent job again!!

  21. Review By: bigblue Mar 14, 2018

    Eugene is the gift that keeps on giving, he has played on so many of our songs and every time I think he cannot top the last one ,he does. An absolute privilege to have someone of his calibre playing on our tracks ,the absolute best,JJ

  22. Review By: glanis Mar 14, 2018

    This guy is just amazing!

  23. Review By: DrummerFfm Mar 4, 2018

    Great job again! Thanks so much!

  24. Review By: DrummerFfm Feb 5, 2018

    Eugene did a great job playing the piano part of my composition and also in adding several choruses of a very tasty and musical improvisation.
    Highly recommend his work, will definitely get back to him for other projects as well.

  25. Review By: mwragg92 Jan 11, 2018

    Awesome work! Thanks a lot!

  26. Review By: Brad8798 Dec 22, 2017

    Amazing quality and perfect to work with!!!

  27. Review By: Michaelsobol Dec 19, 2017

    Delivered perfect quality of a short piano piece. Quick turnaround time. On request, he even delivered the piece in different tempos. Will book him every time again.

  28. Review By: glanis Dec 9, 2017

    Top, top class pianist!

  29. Review By: bigblue Dec 8, 2017

    As always, Eugene did an exceptional job for my most recent project. I have had multiple projects with him and he is far and away the best pianist on this site, so if you have a song thats needs some magic adding to it, look no further .I cannot recommend him enough , give him a try, you won't be disappointed. His playing elevates everything to another level and I guarantee he will make your song sound exceptional. - JJ

  30. Review By: DarrenL5 Dec 3, 2017

    Eugene is a great piano player. He took my scratch piano track and used it as a reference to record a professional piano track. It sounds great and the style is perfect for what I need. His communication skills were fantastic and he took the time to make sure that I was 100% pleased with the track which I really appreciated. Thanks Eugene!

  31. Review By: gismo Nov 14, 2017

    EugenePiano proved to be the artist/musician, who listens to the song, makes it his own and then
    delivers on every level.

  32. Review By: bazbombati58 Nov 6, 2017

    Absolutely fantastic arrangement from Eugene !!! I will use Eugene again for more of my projects. He is not just a top player, he has a fantastic feel for all genres of music. 5 stars from me.....or 10 if I could !!!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  33. Review By: bigblue Oct 11, 2017

    Yet again ,Eugene has delivered the perfect job, brilliant playing, excellent communication and a real understanding of what to put in or leave out .I cannot recommend him enough, he is my go to pianist/keys player for every project i work on.Do yourself a favour and try him out,exceptional ,JJ

  34. Review By: Danielplainview7 Sep 9, 2017


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  35. Review By: AEP1 Sep 9, 2017

    This was one the best experiences on airgigs, this man is an excellent pianists.

  36. Review By: voiceofmusic Sep 1, 2017

    Good job! The work is done as I asked and on time.

  37. Review By: Frente Aug 14, 2017

    Excellent communication, professional results. Highly recommended!

  38. Review By: bigblue Aug 1, 2017

    Eugene is the most versatile musician I have ever worked with. He nails the brief time after time , superb skills but great imagination as well , the band member everyone would want in their group, stunning, JJ

  39. Review By: bigblue Jun 21, 2017

    Another amazing job by one of the most amazing musicians I have ever worked with. Beside being technically brilliant,Eugene has fantasic ideas to compliment your work and take it up to the next level. I cannot recommend this service enough,JJ

  40. Review By: DobarDan Jun 3, 2017

    Great player and a great guy to work with! Simple, effective, and on time!

  41. Review By: krovere5 May 27, 2017

    My go to piano and keyboard man!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  42. Review By: bigblue May 26, 2017

    My sixth job with Eugene in just over a month,I cannot think of a better endorsement to his skills than that.This guy is amazing ,everything he plays on turns to gold and he brings so much to the songs.I urge you to try him out ,you will be glad you did,JJ

  43. Review By: Geography8 May 21, 2017

    Excellent job! Great timing and terrific sound!

  44. Review By: bigblue May 20, 2017

    We sat in the studio today with our jaws on the floor, Eugene's playing is off the map, technically brilliant but full of heart and passion.This service is simply outstanding, book this guy and you will never look at another pianist ,thats a promise,JJ

  45. Review By: krovere5 May 18, 2017

    I was very impressed with the tracks! Quick turn around and very easy to work with. I'll definitely be using him again!

  46. Review By: bigblue May 16, 2017

    Another amazing job from Eugene,I wish I could give him ten stars,that's how good he is.I have already sent him another song and I urge you to try this guy out for your keys jobs,I don't think this service can be beat,simply stunning,JJ

  47. Review By: SamiMiranda May 14, 2017

    His playing is gorgeous and he got my order to me quickly with zero hassle. Absolutely will use again for my next piano recording needs!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  48. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 7, 2017

    Eugene is an awesome musician! His work is consistent and awesome and i enjoy working with every time. He listens well to what you want but will go the extra step to make sure everything is exactly as it should be.

  49. Review By: bigblue May 5, 2017

    Another fantastic job by Eugene.My third job in two weeks, which tells you how good this guy is,a true class act who elevates whatever you send him to the next level.Honestly ,look no further for all your keyboard needs this guy is amazing,JJ

  50. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 3, 2017

    Nailed the track I gave him and heard exactly what it needed! Very nice guy, easy to work with and get ahold of!
    Quality of both the playing and the sound were exactly what I hoped for and will definitely work with him again!

  51. Review By: bigblue Apr 20, 2017

    A fantastic experience working with Eugene,not just a brilliant player ,but full of ideas to take your song to the next level.I cannot recommend him enough, look no further for your pianist,simply amazing,JJ

  52. Review By: bigblue Apr 18, 2017

    A fantastic musician and an unbeatable service.Quick turnaround ,excellent communication ,and came up with a piece far better than my original part.Look no further for your pianist ,I have already sent him another job,JJ