Keyboard / Piano / Organ track for your Christian Song for $50

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Keyboard / Piano / Organ track for your Christian Song for $50

Please message me first about your project before making any purchases - Feel free to ask me any questions! I want to make sure we are both on the same page and both feel comfortable working on this together!

My Service:

+ I will create (1) piano track, using chords, for your song
+ Once I complete it, I will send it to you in MP3 or WAV format
+ I can edit the track for up to 2 times - afterwards there will be an additional charge for every revision
+If you don't want a piano sound but a sound closer to a Rhodes or Hammond +Organ sound, please let me know before hand and I'll see if I can get you the right sound.
+Improvisation/Soloing/composing/arranging is not part of this service (see "Instruction to Buyer")
+ If the song is longer than 6 minutes, there will be additional charges

*I will not take on songs that have explicit language or offensive/crude messages behind the song. I am looking to help out those who need this for Contemporary Christian Music, Christian Hip Hop and Worship styles of music. Thank you.

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  • R&B
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  • Christian

Arise & Shine by Ro CV

Please review the Piano track on this song to see if that works well with y our project. Thank you
  • Arise & Shine by Ro CV
  • Grace Runs Over by Ro CV
  • Neo-soul Example

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