Piano Virtuoso For All Genres Especially Jazz for $80

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Piano Virtuoso For All Genres Especially Jazz for $80

Full time pianist.
Well versed and experienced in JAZZ and virtually any genre (POP, RnB, ROCK). I can record PIANO, RHODES, SYNTHS.
Professional studio with TOP QUALITY GEARS.

In my 8 years career I've been lucky enough to collaborate with performing artists in many concerts and gigs.
I've got tons of experience in this kind of online works also as I've worked with clients far and wide.

I have a complete educational background (from jazz and modern to classical music up to electronics, music production, mix and mastering).

Prices start at 100$ (simple piano comping track for a mix up to 3-4') but can vary according to the complexity and length of the piece.

Turnaround is usually 5-10 days but for urgent works, when possible, I offer and extra fast delivery service for +50$ (delivery within 48hrs)

This is my forté and I look forward to working with you.

  • Blues
  • Choral
  • CCM
  • Christian
  • Classical
  • Gospel

Fire on the mountain by Asa

A jazz cover of Fire on the mountain played by me.
  • Fire on the mountain by Asa
  • A touch from a touch...

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