Premium piano track for $80

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Premium piano track for $80

Hey, welcome to my gig! My name is Marko and I'm a classically trained composer with an University degree, keyboardist, arranger and a pianist, who specializes in piano, orchestral and ballad arrangements, but I've worked within many different genres - pop, rock, blues, funk, jazz, hip-hop, you name it.

You can check all my references here:

I can record your piano cover so you can sing over it if you want, compose an original piano piece for you, compose background music for you, record piano lines for your song or movie, compose music for your commercial...pretty much anything that involves piano!

I'm always using the best and most epic sounding professional VSTs such as:

Spitfire Audio — Albion series
Orchestral Tools - METROPOLIS ARK 1, 2, 3
Symphobia 1 & 2
Berlin Woodwinds, Berlin Brass, Berlin Strings, Berlin Percussion
Soloists Series - Nocturne Violin and Nocturne Cello
Spectrasonics - Keyscape - Collector Keyboards
Synthogy - Ivory II Grand Piano‎s
XLN - Addictive keys
Waves piano pack
...and many more...

I'm happy to offer a free 30-second preview of me playing on your song before we move forward so you can be 100% sure that I'd be a great fit!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started! :)

  • Pop-Rock
  • Soul
  • Latin
  • Funk
  • Classical
  • World

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