Professional Hammond B3/Piano/Keyboards for $100

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Professional Hammond B3/Piano/Keyboards for $100

My name is Mark Brown. I have 20+ years of experience as a professional touring/session musician and audio engineer. I can create a top notch organ, piano or keyboard track for your tune. My specialty is Hammond B3 Organ. All genres and styles.

Gear List:
Hammond B3 w/ Leslie 147
Korg SV-1
Altenburg 6' Grand Piano
Hammond Sk-1
Hammond Sk-2
M-Tron Pro (Melotron VST)
Vintage Keys (Arturia VST)
Element 2.0 (Analog Synth VST)
2 Neumann TLM102 Large Diaphragm Cnds (Leslie, upper rotor)
AKG D112 (Leslie, lower rotor)
Pro Tools (Latest Edition, updated frequently)

Bachelor's Of Music; Music Recording & Technology
Jazz Theory and Composition

Recording Credits: Lewis Capaldi, Faithless Town, The Bridge, Hambone Relay, The Late Ancients, Amy Banks, James Pace w/ members of The Walter Trout Band

Live Credits: The Bridge, Martin Sexton, Mike Gordon, Hambone Relay, New Mastersounds, American Music Theater, James Pace Band.

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Lewis Capaldi -

Hammond B3
  • Lewis Capaldi -
  • Faithless Town -
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  • James Pace Band -
  • Dan Wande -
  • Groove Merchants -
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