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Full time pianist and producer. Educated and experienced in many genres. NORD STAGE PIANO (great for PIANOS, RHODES, SYNTHS). Metric Halo Audio Interface (BEST RECORDING QUALITY). Quick turnaround. I speak English, Español, Italian.

Hire me for: a piano accompaniment for your song, a synth you need in your electronic mix, a piano cover of your favorite song, some sick rhodes chords for your R&B track, those blues piano licks and riffs you need in your arrangement, an advanced harmonization of your jazz ballad, a recording of your piano composition, etc.

Prices start at 100$ (simple piano track for a mix up to 3-4').

Turnaround is usually 5-10 days but for urgent works, when possible, I offer and extra fast delivery service for +50$ (delivery in 1 day)

I can provide MIDI and sheet music.


• “Siena Jazz” degree in Jazz and Modern Music Piano, Composition and Arrangement.
• 8 years of Classical Piano studies
• 2 years of Jazz Ensemble and Composition studies
• “Saint Louis College of Music of Rome” degree in Sonic Arts (Electronic Music Production, Sound Synthesis, Film Scoring).
• Master degree in Music Production at “Microfusa” school, Barcelona.


• As composer and producer for various artists (Nu Epoque, Valerio Rodelli EBF, Klaymax...)
• As piano and keyboards player with many bands, singers and djs in Clubs, Jazz Festivals, Restaurants, Hotels, Jam Sessions...
• As performer (Live Electronics and Keyboards) in several projects: Daniele Malvisi virtuous circles of Miles Davis (Jazz sextet), Fake Out Collective (Tech-house)...
• As producer of soundscapes for many installations, documentaries and videos in general (for Las Arenas de Barcelona, PXNGLI, Palacio del Flamenco de Barcelona...)
• As piano and keyboards player for studio recordings.


• Clavia Nord Stage (Pianos, synths, organs): one of the best instruments for both studio and stage situations.
• Metric Halo ULN2+2882 Audio Interface: best recording quality currently available on the market.
• Spectrasonic Keyscape plugins (state of the art piano sounds)
• Klein & Hummel o300 Active Studio Monitors
• API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor
• Drawmer 1973 Multiband Compressor
• ADT TM235 Harmonic Generator and ADT TM215b Analog Limiter
• Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone
• Shure Beta 57 A Dynamic Microphone
• AKG MkII, Sennheiser HD 25 II Headphones
• iMAC 27" 3,4 GHz, 32 GB Ram Computer
• Acoustically Treated Studio

Chuckle - Nu Epoque

Neo Soul, Piano and production
  • Chuckle - Nu Epoque
  • I Lost Myself - Munn
  • The Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
  • Xmas in NY - Omarni
  • Wild Flower -Wesley Kendall

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