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Professional pianist and producer. Educated and experienced in many genres. NORD STAGE PIANO (great for PIANOS, RHODES, SYNTHS). Metric Halo Audio Interface (BEST RECORDING QUALITY). Quick turnaround. I speak English, Español, Italian.

Hire me for: a piano accompaniment for your song's demo, a synth track you need in your house mix, a piano version of your favorite song, the right rhodes chords for your R&B track, those blues piano licks and riffs you need in your arrangement, an advanced harmonization of your jazz ballad, a recording of your classical composition you have as sheet music, etc. etc.

Here you can listen to some works of mine:

Prices starts from 60$ but can vary according to the complexity of the work.


• “Siena Jazz” degree in Jazz and Modern Music Piano, Composition and Arrangement.
• 8 years of Classical Piano studies
• 2 years of Jazz Ensemble and Composition studies
• “Saint Louis College of Music of Rome” degree in Sonic Arts (Electronic Music Production, Sound Synthesis, Film Scoring).
• Master degree in Music Production at “Microfusa” school, Barcelona.


• As composer and producer for various artists (Zhanna, Nu Epoque, Valerio Rodelli EBF, Gianpix...)
• As piano and keyboards player with many bands, singers and djs in Clubs, Jazz Festivals, Discos, Restaurants, Hotels, Jam Sessions...
• As performer (Live Electronics and Keyboards) in several projects: Daniele Malvisi virtuous circles of Miles Davis (Jazz sextet), Fake Out Collective (Tech-house)...
• As producer of soundscapes for many installations, documentaries and videos in general (for Las Arenas de Barcelona, PXNGLI, Palacio del Flamenco de Barcelona...)
• As piano and keyboards player for studio recordings of other producers.


• Clavia Nord Stage (Pianos, synths, organs): one of the best instruments for both studio and stage situations.
• Metric Halo ULN2 Audio Interface: best recording quality currently available on the market.

May All Beings Be Happy

Track I produced for a documentary about Tibet.
  • May All Beings Be Happy
  • Over the Rainbow
  • Our Rendez-Vous
  • Chuckle
  • The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

123 Reviews

  1. Review By: DrummerFfm Jun 19, 2018

    Thank you again Leo for the exceptional work and corrections done in the composition, which is a big help.

  2. Review By: DrummerFfm Jun 18, 2018

    Thanks so much Leo. Brilliant work as always! Highly recommend!

  3. Review By: kmdarko Jun 14, 2018

    Great work as usual-- I am going to run out of things to say other than I value the time I am spending working with him.

  4. Review By: kmdarko Jun 12, 2018

    Very well done- a generous use of sound to improve the reference track as requested-- I am very very pleased with the outcome and expedient nature of his communication and work completion. A pleasure to work with!

  5. Review By: lojismith Jun 9, 2018

    Superb! Thanks Leo!

  6. Review By: themanorail Jun 8, 2018

    Amazing Amazing work !!!! He delivered more than what he promised and I couldn’t be any happier !!! He understood without many words exactly what I was trying to do and for that I must say he Is my go to guy when ever I need that soulful piano !!!!! Good work bro !!!

  7. Review By: kmdarko Jun 7, 2018

    I am so pleased with the sounds he used, and the performance themselves. Working with Leo is definitely working with quality!

    He is clear, communicative, and manages expectation well. The poject was completed as scheduled (if not earlier! which I always appreciate)
    He is truly a pro and I have more for him to do if he is up for it.

  8. Review By: lojismith Jun 5, 2018

    Ah! So beautiful once again. The man with magic fingers. Thanks Leo. You are the best. I look forward to working with you again.

  9. Review By: Barryfindlater Jun 1, 2018

    Sounds great Leo!

  10. Review By: lojismith May 30, 2018

    Excellent piano player! Five stars every time!

  11. Review By: Neiltgrant May 26, 2018

    Very pleased with the result. Leo is very talented musician, communicates well and is very efficient.

  12. Review By: Barryfindlater May 21, 2018

    Thanks again Leo!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  13. Review By: Barryfindlater May 18, 2018

    Great Job again Leo.

  14. Review By: bradical May 14, 2018

    Delicate touch!

  15. Review By: bradical May 14, 2018

    Funky fun!

  16. Review By: bradical May 14, 2018

    Love that sassy style!

  17. Review By: bradical May 11, 2018

    Lovely mix of styles

  18. Review By: lojismith May 11, 2018

    Always outstanding work.

  19. Review By: bradical May 10, 2018

    Lovely playing

  20. Review By: bradical May 10, 2018

    Fun jamz!

  21. Review By: bradical May 9, 2018

    Smooth style

  22. Review By: bradical May 9, 2018

    Diverse skills!

  23. Review By: bradical May 8, 2018

    Sounds great! Much more spunky

  24. Review By: bradical May 5, 2018

    Lovely piano!

  25. Review By: lojismith May 3, 2018

    Oh my! What a wonderful pianist! First class work!

  26. Review By: jelsioba Apr 24, 2018


  27. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 20, 2018

    Thanks for coming through again Leo!
    Always on point and on time!!

  28. Review By: jelsioba Apr 19, 2018

    Thanks for the help!!

  29. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 18, 2018

    Thanks Leo...appreciate you interrupting your schedule to deliver this order.
    As always brother...great job!

  30. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 9, 2018

    Excellent Leo!
    Love it!
    Will be in touch soon.

  31. Review By: lojismith Apr 7, 2018

    Wow! I don't know what more I could have hoped for. Well done. Well done, indeed. I have no doubt I will be asking for your help again. Thank you!

  32. Review By: dbaines Mar 21, 2018

    Perfect composition. Exactly what I needed!

  33. Review By: Barryfindlater Mar 11, 2018

    Sweet mix Leo!
    Excellent work ....as usual!!

  34. Review By: glanis Mar 6, 2018

    Excellent job... What a strings arrangement. 6 stars!!!

  35. Review By: kirksong Mar 1, 2018

    Leo is fantastic! Clear and detailed communication, great chops!

  36. Review By: kirksong Mar 1, 2018

    Leo Is a fantastic musician! I appreciate his integrity and communication skills and the work he provided!

  37. Review By: DrummerFfm Feb 23, 2018

    Great Job again, done very fast and very good!
    Thanks Leo!

  38. Review By: peter119 Feb 23, 2018

    Leo is the best...

  39. Review By: maddiematti Feb 21, 2018

    Dear Leo
    Thank you so much for your incredible work.
    You are truly a master
    Can’t wait to come again !
    Sooner than later
    Thank you again

  40. Review By: nemojames Feb 7, 2018

    Excellent thanks.

  41. Review By: AJS80 Feb 7, 2018

    Provided exactly what I needed.

  42. Review By: bluesman69 Feb 6, 2018

    Leo made my track sound awesome, would recommend

  43. Review By: okamara Feb 3, 2018

    Great musician! Excellent communication and fast delivery!
    Thank you Leo

  44. Review By: maddiematti Feb 3, 2018

    Brilliant ! ! !

  45. Review By: peter119 Feb 2, 2018

    Leo is great , super fast and very talented.

  46. Review By: DrummerFfm Feb 2, 2018

    Thank you Leo for the great job you did in providing a brilliant piano part for my composition.
    I can only highly recommend Leo´s work and will definitely get back to him for other projects.

  47. Review By: walston Feb 2, 2018

    Awesome Leo! Solo at the end is outta sight!

    Thank you.

  48. Review By: Barryfindlater Jan 24, 2018

    Excellent as always Leo.

  49. Review By: fbkamb37 Jan 15, 2018

    Leo Muisc Design is definitely a top shelf musician and collaborator!! He has a great natural sense of what works best with your project and goes above and beyond to make sure you're happy with what he delivers. Anyone looking to have piano work done should check him out first!

  50. Review By: mwragg92 Jan 11, 2018

    Great work!

  51. Review By: ashh888 Jan 10, 2018

    Fan bloody tastic

  52. Review By: Barryfindlater Jan 7, 2018

    Leo...as usual you continue to produce beautiful arrangements.
    Thank you sir!

  53. Review By: mwragg92 Jan 4, 2018

    Super quick turn-around and lovely piano with great creative input!

  54. Review By: JMG1 Jan 4, 2018

    Very fast delivery and very communicative !

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  55. Review By: Hundred Dec 2, 2017

    Nice play,
    Nice sound,
    Nice man,
    It's a perfect work on the piano.
    Thanks for bringing me the surprise.

  56. Review By: Reloaded Nov 24, 2017

    Wonderful job. Couldn't be happier. Thank you.

  57. Review By: jtippit223 Nov 22, 2017

    Amazing work. He nailed what I was going for.

  58. Review By: ashh888 Nov 8, 2017

    Very quick, good comms and beautiful playing

  59. Review By: Barryfindlater Nov 6, 2017

    Well brother.......thanks for the suggestion.
    I agree.....great idea....and that's why you you rock :)

  60. Review By: ratishsekhar Oct 30, 2017

    Leo is the most sought after musician on AirGigs.
    Incredible TALENT !!! and matching PATIENCE !!! Leo indeed went out of way to make sure I got exactly what I envisioned and worked tirelessly for weeks on end until I was completely satisfied. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

  61. Review By: Barryfindlater Oct 14, 2017

    Thanks Leo!
    Just what I had in mind.
    Sounds great!

  62. Review By: VMGmusic Oct 11, 2017

    Leo's work is very valuable, and his talent is exceptional.

  63. Review By: Barryfindlater Oct 3, 2017

    Thanks Leo.
    Well done!

  64. Review By: Anatoly Sep 30, 2017

    Leonardo, thanks for the extraordinary, amazing play. A truly professional musician, a great music and time feeling. Pleasant communication. Really I strongly recommend to everyone!!! Bravissimo!

  65. Review By: Jacob Sep 27, 2017

    Always pleasure to work with Leonardo! Excellent results!

  66. Review By: Barryfindlater Sep 26, 2017

    As usual ...great job Leo.

  67. Review By: Barryfindlater Sep 25, 2017

    Great job again Leo!
    Thanks...will be in touch soon!

  68. Review By: ratishsekhar Sep 12, 2017

    Leo once again proved to be the best in his class... I gave him a very tough task of adding strings to a song which wasn't done to a beat. The rhythm was perfect so was the quality of his work and creativity...
    Very professional to work with and such as ease of communication. Cheers Leo...

  69. Review By: Jacob Sep 5, 2017

    Great experience working with a Leonardo! Awesome piano skills and his input on tracks is invaluable.

  70. Review By: Jacob Sep 5, 2017

    Great experience working with a Leonardo! Awesome piano skills and his input on tracks is invaluable.

  71. Review By: Barryfindlater Aug 23, 2017

    Thanks Leo....great job as usual!
    Talk soon.

  72. Review By: ratishsekhar Aug 23, 2017

    Leo is terrific!!! He took my song to a whole new level. His ideas, composition, and orchestration skills are impeccable and has my highest recommendation. If you need strings look no further as you won't find a more excellent player.

  73. Review By: Barryfindlater Aug 18, 2017

    Thank you sir.
    You are greatly appreciated !

  74. Review By: JMG1 Aug 10, 2017

    Fast and very communicative

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  75. Review By: Barryfindlater Aug 3, 2017

    Hey Leo, thanks for another great job!
    Again...your patience and professionalism is greatly appreciated!

  76. Review By: bradical Aug 3, 2017

    Fast delivery in a variety of styles. Our 2nd gig and prolly more to come!

  77. Review By: ratishsekhar Jul 31, 2017

    Leo's talent coupled with the high quality studio plugins really took my project to another level. I had a vision but asked Leo to "use your best judgement" knowing that I could make a revision. No revision needed! Leo nailed it the first time! Thanks man...

  78. Review By: Barryfindlater Jul 6, 2017

    Another job well done!
    Thanks Leo!

  79. Review By: Barryfindlater Jun 29, 2017

    Excellent as usual......thanks again Leo!

  80. Review By: kamikazedogwood Jun 23, 2017

    Fantastic work as usual!

  81. Review By: ratishsekhar Jun 21, 2017

    Way beyond expectations, very understanding of what a songwriter wants and he has a lot of taste in terms of harmony and melody. I will definitely hire him again for the other song that needs more strings on my album. so grateful to have found him!

  82. Review By: ratishsekhar Jun 20, 2017

    Leo lifted my song to the next level and I totally credit him for that. A humble human being and amazingly talented professional. Would give him my highest recommendation, just outstanding.

  83. Review By: Grooverdog Jun 10, 2017

    Top Stuff highly recommended.

  84. Review By: igraham May 27, 2017

    Again! Leo knocks it out of the park. Great takes and great feel. Really easy to work with and very fast turnaround. Thanks again.

  85. Review By: amenzies May 27, 2017

    Fast and excellent!

  86. Review By: igraham May 24, 2017

    Thanks Leo. Very easy person to work with. Fast turnaround and a great ear for a song. Added organ and piano to my track for a great rate. Highly recommended!

  87. Review By: Jhelisa May 15, 2017

    Yessssss, and Again...Leo strikes again....Good ears, Leo can hear anything!!!....Hire this great musician!..Thanks Leo!

  88. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 12, 2017

    Amazing pianist. Love working with him

  89. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 5, 2017

    Phenomenal pianist, easy to work with, and extremely fast! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and encourage you to choose him if you are checking out these reviews. Always a 5 star product! Looking forward to working with him again.

  90. Review By: benpryer May 5, 2017

    Amazing as always, Such a talent.

  91. Review By: Jhelisa May 4, 2017

    Leo Music Design is the best to work with. I highly recommend this amazing musician and composer...Thanks Leo for great great work on my music!

  92. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 3, 2017

    Definitely the fastest turnaround of anyone I have worked with! Quality of the sound and the playing are exceptional and he truly understands the vision you have for your track. 5 stars and definitely be ordering from him again.

  93. Review By: bradical Apr 25, 2017

    Leo did a great job adding his style to diverse genres of music. Easy to work with and fast turnaround.

  94. Review By: benpryer Apr 21, 2017

    Once again, Incredible pianist. 10/10

  95. Review By: benpryer Apr 16, 2017

    Absolutely incredible Pianist. Any genre, He's got it! 100/100

  96. Review By: drummertk2 Apr 12, 2017


  97. Review By: drummertk2 Apr 9, 2017

    Great work

  98. Review By: drummertk2 Apr 5, 2017

    Great work!!

  99. Review By: drummertk2 Mar 28, 2017

    Great work

  100. Review By: Grooverdog Mar 28, 2017

    Leo did a great job, will use again.

  101. Review By: Frank Mar 22, 2017

    Leo is a master.
    He paid attention to details and to the spirit of my song. and delivered before time, a set of nice arrangements.
    I am happy I found him for my project. Leo is the man!

  102. Review By: Byronbay Mar 15, 2017

    Amazing piano player. Super professional and very quick in turn around. I am happy to have found him, and will be using his services many more times in the future! Thank you!

  103. Review By: MediaCation Mar 13, 2017

    Another beautiful project, by this talented musician and audio whiz! Leo is a pleasure to work with.

  104. Review By: kamikazedogwood Mar 13, 2017

    Great performance!

  105. Review By: kamikazedogwood Mar 9, 2017

    Wow that was super fast! Sounds great!

  106. Review By: MediaCation Mar 3, 2017

    Leo makes magic! He takes your original composition and opens it up. Quick turn around and super professional interaction.

  107. Review By: Darko Mar 3, 2017

    Great work. Prompt. Thank you

  108. Review By: bibimusic Mar 2, 2017

    Leo did a great job!

  109. Review By: joeyxoto Feb 21, 2017

    Absolutely perfect. Took the direction exactly where I had wanted. Thanks Leo!

  110. Review By: Iijohnkeatingii Feb 18, 2017

    I am so lucky I found Leo. He is an incredible talent and was done before I expected. I was astonished. From beginning to end the whole thing was done in 3 days from order to completion. Can't say enough good things about this man. Thanks for the beautiful piece!

  111. Review By: kamikazedogwood Feb 17, 2017

    Amazing! Leo is a genuinely talented and unique piano player. Will definitely be ordering again.

  112. Review By: Dorothywl Feb 8, 2017

    Thanks for your help.

  113. Review By: typo Feb 8, 2017

    Incredibly fast delivery! Beautiful arrangement, this will make my dream come true :)

  114. Review By: Dorothywl Feb 7, 2017

    His response was quick and more than I requested.

  115. Review By: kamikazedogwood Feb 4, 2017


  116. Review By: kamikazedogwood Jan 30, 2017

    Fantastic experience!

  117. Review By: MediaCation Jan 28, 2017

    Leo is a very gifted artist and understands how to make music come alive.

  118. Review By: bas10 Dec 29, 2016

    Leo feels the song, with barely any instructions, he delivers quality that raises the melody! Many thanks!

  119. Review By: sarabey Dec 28, 2016

    Excellent service!
    I'm extremely happy with the results.
    Communication and the flow was very smooth, I highly recommend this service!

  120. Review By: topyfelix Dec 19, 2016

    Great quality and very quick delivery, I absolutely recommend
    Thanks, Antonio

  121. Review By: Barryfindlater Dec 10, 2016

    Thanks again Maestro.....excellent job as usual!

  122. Review By: bigblue Nov 24, 2016

    A fantastic musician,an incredible service,world class all the way. If you are looking for a pianist, look no further, I cannot praise this guy enough,JJ

  123. Review By: thor Nov 21, 2016

    Thank you Leo.! Great Pianoplaying with real fast return!

  124. Review By: Mecca83 Nov 16, 2016

    Stunning performance - Leo delivered over & above what I expected to receive from this gig and worked perfectly in the style I had in mind. Couldn't recommend him enough!

  125. Review By: bluesman69 Sep 27, 2016

    Great service, quick turnaround, Leo is an absolute pro, i would defienetly recommend his services to anyone and will be my go to guy for any future songs, well done!!

  126. Review By: Barryfindlater Sep 13, 2016

    Leo.... thanks for another great production.!
    Perfect...worth it....good job maestro!

  127. Review By: Barryfindlater Sep 10, 2016

    Leo....great experience getting to work with you!
    I appreciate your patience and professionalism.

  128. Review By: bigblue Jul 14, 2016

    Another fantastic job,this guy is amazing,added real depth and class to the song,next job already planned.Jay

  129. Review By: Barryfindlater Jul 12, 2016

    Perfect Leo....This is exactly what I had in mind!!!
    I think this is the beginning of a great collaboration.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  130. Review By: bigblue Jul 2, 2016

    This is a fantastic service,above and beyond my expectations ,i will be using him again,Jay