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Professional pianist and producer. Educated and experienced in many genres. NORD STAGE PIANO (great for PIANOS, RHODES, SYNTHS). Metric Halo Audio Interface (BEST RECORDING QUALITY). Quick turnaround. I speak English, Español, Italian.

Hire me for: a piano accompaniment for your song's demo, a synth track you need in your house mix, a piano version of your favorite song, the right rhodes chords for your R&B track, those blues piano licks and riffs you need in your arrangement, an advanced harmonization of your jazz ballad, a recording of your classical composition you have as sheet music, etc. etc.

Here you can listen to some works of mine:

Prices starts from 60$ but can vary according to the complexity of the work.


• “Siena Jazz” degree in Jazz and Modern Music Piano, Composition and Arrangement.
• 8 years of Classical Piano studies
• 2 years of Jazz Ensemble and Composition studies
• “Saint Louis College of Music of Rome” degree in Sonic Arts (Electronic Music Production, Sound Synthesis, Film Scoring).
• Master degree in Music Production at “Microfusa” school, Barcelona.


• As composer and producer for various artists (Zhanna, Nu Epoque, Valerio Rodelli EBF, Gianpix...)
• As piano and keyboards player with many bands, singers and djs in Clubs, Jazz Festivals, Discos, Restaurants, Hotels, Jam Sessions...
• As performer (Live Electronics and Keyboards) in several projects: Daniele Malvisi virtuous circles of Miles Davis (Jazz sextet), Fake Out Collective (Tech-house)...
• As producer of soundscapes for many installations, documentaries and videos in general (for Las Arenas de Barcelona, PXNGLI, Palacio del Flamenco de Barcelona...)
• As piano and keyboards player for studio recordings of other producers.


• Clavia Nord Stage (Pianos, synths, organs): one of the best instruments for both studio and stage situations.
• Metric Halo ULN2 Audio Interface: best recording quality currently available on the market.

44 Reviews

  1. Review By: igraham May 24, 2017

    Thanks Leo. Very easy person to work with. Fast turnaround and a great ear for a song. Added organ and piano to my track for a great rate. Highly recommended!

  2. Review By: Jhelisa May 15, 2017

    Yessssss, and Again...Leo strikes again....Good ears, Leo can hear anything!!!....Hire this great musician!..Thanks Leo!

  3. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 12, 2017

    Amazing pianist. Love working with him

  4. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 5, 2017

    Phenomenal pianist, easy to work with, and extremely fast! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and encourage you to choose him if you are checking out these reviews. Always a 5 star product! Looking forward to working with him again.

  5. Review By: benpryer May 5, 2017

    Amazing as always, Such a talent.

  6. Review By: Jhelisa May 4, 2017

    Leo Music Design is the best to work with. I highly recommend this amazing musician and composer...Thanks Leo for great great work on my music!

  7. Review By: Nmichel5659 May 3, 2017

    Definitely the fastest turnaround of anyone I have worked with! Quality of the sound and the playing are exceptional and he truly understands the vision you have for your track. 5 stars and definitely be ordering from him again.

  8. Review By: bradical Apr 25, 2017

    Leo did a great job adding his style to diverse genres of music. Easy to work with and fast turnaround.

  9. Review By: benpryer Apr 21, 2017

    Once again, Incredible pianist. 10/10

  10. Review By: benpryer Apr 16, 2017

    Absolutely incredible Pianist. Any genre, He's got it! 100/100

  11. Review By: drummertk2 Apr 12, 2017


  12. Review By: drummertk2 Apr 9, 2017

    Great work

  13. Review By: drummertk2 Apr 5, 2017

    Great work!!

  14. Review By: drummertk2 Mar 28, 2017

    Great work

  15. Review By: Grooverdog Mar 28, 2017

    Leo did a great job, will use again.

  16. Review By: Frank Mar 22, 2017

    Leo is a master.
    He paid attention to details and to the spirit of my song. and delivered before time, a set of nice arrangements.
    I am happy I found him for my project. Leo is the man!

  17. Review By: Byronbay Mar 15, 2017

    Amazing piano player. Super professional and very quick in turn around. I am happy to have found him, and will be using his services many more times in the future! Thank you!

  18. Review By: MediaCation Mar 13, 2017

    Another beautiful project, by this talented musician and audio whiz! Leo is a pleasure to work with.

  19. Review By: kamikazedogwood Mar 13, 2017

    Great performance!

  20. Review By: kamikazedogwood Mar 9, 2017

    Wow that was super fast! Sounds great!

  21. Review By: MediaCation Mar 3, 2017

    Leo makes magic! He takes your original composition and opens it up. Quick turn around and super professional interaction.

  22. Review By: Darko Mar 3, 2017

    Great work. Prompt. Thank you

  23. Review By: bibimusic Mar 2, 2017

    Leo did a great job!

  24. Review By: joeyxoto Feb 21, 2017

    Absolutely perfect. Took the direction exactly where I had wanted. Thanks Leo!

  25. Review By: Iijohnkeatingii Feb 18, 2017

    I am so lucky I found Leo. He is an incredible talent and was done before I expected. I was astonished. From beginning to end the whole thing was done in 3 days from order to completion. Can't say enough good things about this man. Thanks for the beautiful piece!

  26. Review By: kamikazedogwood Feb 17, 2017

    Amazing! Leo is a genuinely talented and unique piano player. Will definitely be ordering again.

  27. Review By: Dorothywl Feb 8, 2017

    Thanks for your help.

  28. Review By: typo Feb 8, 2017

    Incredibly fast delivery! Beautiful arrangement, this will make my dream come true :)

  29. Review By: Dorothywl Feb 7, 2017

    His response was quick and more than I requested.

  30. Review By: kamikazedogwood Feb 4, 2017


  31. Review By: kamikazedogwood Jan 30, 2017

    Fantastic experience!

  32. Review By: MediaCation Jan 28, 2017

    Leo is a very gifted artist and understands how to make music come alive.

  33. Review By: bas10 Dec 29, 2016

    Leo feels the song, with barely any instructions, he delivers quality that raises the melody! Many thanks!

  34. Review By: sarabey Dec 28, 2016

    Excellent service!
    I'm extremely happy with the results.
    Communication and the flow was very smooth, I highly recommend this service!

  35. Review By: topyfelix Dec 19, 2016

    Great quality and very quick delivery, I absolutely recommend
    Thanks, Antonio

  36. Review By: Barryfindlater Dec 10, 2016

    Thanks again Maestro.....excellent job as usual!

  37. Review By: bigblue Nov 24, 2016

    A fantastic musician,an incredible service,world class all the way. If you are looking for a pianist, look no further, I cannot praise this guy enough,JJ

  38. Review By: thor Nov 21, 2016

    Thank you Leo.! Great Pianoplaying with real fast return!

  39. Review By: Mecca83 Nov 16, 2016

    Stunning performance - Leo delivered over & above what I expected to receive from this gig and worked perfectly in the style I had in mind. Couldn't recommend him enough!

  40. Review By: bluesman69 Sep 27, 2016

    Great service, quick turnaround, Leo is an absolute pro, i would defienetly recommend his services to anyone and will be my go to guy for any future songs, well done!!

  41. Review By: Barryfindlater Sep 13, 2016

    Leo.... thanks for another great production.!
    Perfect...worth it....good job maestro!

  42. Review By: Barryfindlater Sep 10, 2016

    Leo....great experience getting to work with you!
    I appreciate your patience and professionalism.

  43. Review By: bigblue Jul 14, 2016

    Another fantastic job,this guy is amazing,added real depth and class to the song,next job already planned.Jay

  44. Review By: Barryfindlater Jul 12, 2016

    Perfect Leo....This is exactly what I had in mind!!!
    I think this is the beginning of a great collaboration.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  45. Review By: bigblue Jul 2, 2016

    This is a fantastic service,above and beyond my expectations ,i will be using him again,Jay