Piano/Keys/Synth/B3 Tracks. Anything Keyboard Related. for $150

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Piano/Keys/Synth/B3 Tracks. Anything Keyboard Related. for $150

Here are the different options/gear I have for tracking keys parts: Yamaha WX-1 Upright Piano, Nord Stage 3, Nord Electro 3, Universal Audio LA-610, Apollo x4, Logic Pro X, Numerous soft synths (Keyscape, Omnisphere, Spitfire, etc).

I start at $150 per song and then typically add $25-$50 for adding additional layers. So, for example, $150 for a piano track and then a little extra to add B3/strings/synth etc. I typically do 1 full revision after we discuss any changes and then if we need to make some small edits 1 more time after that it's cool. If we have to make another full redo or multiple edits, then a rate for doing so can be negotiated. I can comp a complete pass for you or send along multiple takes if you prefer to comp them yourself.

I aim to add emotion and creativity to your song. I can give it a distinct lift or add glue, depending on what your needs are. I started as a classically trained pianist and then continued my education at Belmont University, where I expanded my background to jazz and country and pop playing. I have toured with various artists such as David Nail, Francesca Battistelli, Cassadee Pope and Brandon Heath, among many others, while also doing plenty of studio work and writing/composing during my time at home in Nashville. I am comfortable in almost any style of music and would love to add something special to your track.

Whether you know exactly what you need or you are looking for me to help you shape your song, hit me up and let's make some music!


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