Male Lead or Backing Vocal // Keyboards for $30

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Male Lead or Backing Vocal // Keyboards for $30

Hi my name is Mihael Kvorka and I am musician with over 13 years experience.
I was singing in choir, playing keyboards and singing in several bands, on venues, festivals, clubs and most importantly recorded in studio many song as keyboard player, lead or back vocal and on many of them I was composing or arrangeing the music.

I've graduated music school as trombone player but my passion was always singing and playing keyboards.

If you have Pop, Soul, Indie or even Relaxing Lounge music for background I'm your guy. ;)

I'm recording Keyboards on:

Fender Rhodes that goes thru amp so you'll get that dirty analog sound.

Roland JUNO Di is the best thing I've ever purchased for recording synth/lead /atmospheric sounds.

Nord Stage2 for analog pianos

Everything goes thru my Scarlett audio interface and is recorded in Cubase.

  • Pop
  • Soul
  • Singer-Songwriter

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