Session pianist and keyboardist for $80

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Session pianist and keyboardist for $80

Hi! I'm Cecilia and I am a pianist and keyboardist with a Bachelor's degree in Classical Piano at the Santa Cecilia Conservatoire in Rome and a Master's Degree in Music Business. Besides being both a classical and pop musician, I've been working as a music teacher and arranger for over a decade and during the last five years, I've also worked as a composer and songwriter.
This service is specifically for recording written music. If you have a lead sheet with chords only and you need a piano arrangement, please refer to my dedicated service here:
The basic fee is 80$. For longer or more complex projects (maybe you want me to record your 4 movement piano sonata!), I will make a customer offer.
I usually record using a Steinway 9-foot CD 327 piano sample, but I have many other sounds and we can choose together the one that suits your music perfectly.

Playing love by Ennio Morricone

  • Playing love by Ennio Morricone

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