Top Notch Virtual Piano Tracks, Max 5 min for $75

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Top Notch Virtual Piano Tracks, Max 5 min for $75

I will take your midi piano performance and put it through top notch virtual pianos in addition to the best convolution reverbs. Please listen to my Soundcloud. Your music deserves a better quality sound than your standard digital piano sound or default DAW virtual pianos. Note- I will not add expression, change velocity or change timing beyond what is necessary for technical reasons. Your file should be finalized before you send it to me, musically speaking, in terms of all expression. I will use the midi file you provide as is, but tweak it to fit the specific digital piano being used. Service starts at $50 and includes 5 min of music. Anything under is still $50 anything over will be prorated at an additional $10 per minute. Note - I only do acoustic grand piano sounds. No uprights, no electric pianos, no synths.

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VST piano with live violin

  • VST piano with live violin
  • O'Toole's Song

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