Lead and 1, 2 or 3- Part background vocals for $290

In Vocals (Male) By Joelkibble

Lead and 1, 2 or 3- Part background vocals for $290

I'll sing your lead and include 1, 2, and 3- part vocals and ad-libs. You’ll receive stacked bgv’s for a premium sound. Once begun, work can be completed with short turn around time. You get the benefit of 26+ years of recording and touring experience from a 10 time Grammy-winning member of the vocal group Take 6.

6 Reviews

  1. Review By: DingBingtau Jul 9, 2019

    Lovely vocals from Joel. Always dedicated, always a beautiful rich tone. Always a gentleman
    Best Wishes Pete

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  2. Review By: DingBingtau Jul 4, 2019

    Super Take from Joel. Upbeat Soul from our great and talented friend
    Best Wishes Pete

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  3. Review By: DingBingtau Jun 26, 2019

    Great Vocal, Great Energy & Just Great :-)
    Best Wishes Pete

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  4. Review By: spiegel Jun 25, 2019

    All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!
    I feel blessed that our paths crossed and I am lucky enough to have Joel's brilliant vocal and signature grammy award winning backgrounds on my song.
    Thank you,

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  5. Review By: spiegel Jun 25, 2019

    Joel did such a heartfelt brilliant vocal performance, I literally broke down crying with emotion when he sent over the rough draft. I am overjoyed with this masterful vocal arrangement and performance that Joel has done on my song. IN my book he gets a million stars. Thank you Joel from the bottom of my heart.
    Musically Yours,
    Eric Spiegel

  6. Review By: spiegel Jun 20, 2019

    Joel provides such a great service by letting you hear a well thought out sample of whats to come. Well he sold me. He sounds amazing and I'm heading over to order his vocal package. Thank you my friend. I look forward to working with you.

  7. Review By: DingBingtau Jun 20, 2019

    Joel really bounces along the groove to make this very fun. Great vocal A++++
    Funky Soul Blues Power of self empowerment Yeahhhh ;-)
    Best Wishes Pete

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  8. Review By: DingBingtau Jun 14, 2019

    Beautiful Vocal from Joel. It is a song for tributes and Joel is all class for this A+++ Thank you my friend
    Best Wishes Pete

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  9. Review By: nemojames Jun 10, 2019

    Excellent and very professional singer.

  10. Review By: DingBingtau Jun 8, 2019

    Great energy in these vocals Joel. This one a Party Fiesta, the one before slower soul Ballad. Joel can really do it all and does it wonderfully.
    Best Wishes Pete

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  11. Review By: DingBingtau Jun 6, 2019

    Joel :-) , Joel brings the Soul. The graceful vibes of peace love and the true spirit. Always a pleasure A++++
    Best Wishes Pete

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  12. Review By: RichieBOC Jun 4, 2019

    Joel is Phenomenal. I couldn't be happier. Excellent communication, prompt delivery, and absolutely stellar work. If you want to work with the best, then you're in the right place!

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  13. Review By: DingBingtau May 31, 2019

    Super from Joel A+++ Great. Will be back soon
    Best Wishes Pete

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  14. Review By: DingBingtau May 20, 2019

    Great stuff by Joel. Together helping bring the message of Peace out into the World
    Best Wishes Pete

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  15. Review By: DingBingtau May 18, 2019

    Vocal of excellence, confident , soulful, Wonderful. That is what Joel Brings :-) A++++
    Best Wishes Pete

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  16. Review By: DingBingtau May 14, 2019

    fantastic vocal from Joel. Top Class stuff A++++ Always a pleasure with Joel
    Best Wishes Pete

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  17. Review By: DingBingtau May 10, 2019

    Excellent by Joel. The sounds of Summer. Warm and lovely beautiful voice
    Best Wishes Pete

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  18. Review By: nemojames May 4, 2019

    Great singer .

  19. Review By: RichieBOC May 3, 2019

    I'm blown away by the performance Joey sent me. I highly recommend him for your next project!

  20. Review By: DingBingtau Apr 30, 2019

    Love it, Joel is adding to the Happiness in this song superbly and as the song is called "I Couldn't be Happier" then smiles all around A++++
    Best Wishes Pete

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  21. Review By: DingBingtau Apr 16, 2019

    Great fun Blues vocal from Joel. Always Great A+++
    Best Wishes Pete

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  22. Review By: DingBingtau Apr 5, 2019

    Love it Joel ;-) A+++ of greatness . Helping spread the good positive word :-)
    Best Wishes Pete

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  23. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 29, 2019

    Thank you Joel, loving the energy, phrasing always great. Thank you
    Not just 5 stars a Sky full of Shooting Stars
    Best Wishes Pete

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  24. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 26, 2019

    Greatness from Joel . Soaring over the track is great . A++++
    Wonderful as ever
    Best Wishes Pete

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  25. Review By: frankvincent Mar 25, 2019

    Thank you for providing a sample! This is a must have service for any vocalist out there.

  26. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 19, 2019

    Wonderful A++. I was a little quirky with this one Joel still nailed it and made it all work. Fantastic
    Best Wishes Pete

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  27. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 14, 2019

    Epic Vocals for an Epic journey of a song. Thank you so much Joel
    Best Wishes Pete

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  28. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 12, 2019

    Love it Joel Thank you. it has a relaxed and assured vibe about it. very good with the Reggae comforting feel.
    Best Wishes Pete

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  29. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 6, 2019

    Waltz Gospel Ballad, done with style. Thank You Joel
    Will be back soon
    Best Wishes Pete

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  30. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 1, 2019

    Another great vocal from Joel. Understands the meaning of the song which is lovely to know.
    As always a lovely experience
    Best Wishes Pete

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  31. Review By: DingBingtau Feb 27, 2019

    I love working with Joel A++++ he totally understands what I am trying to do. Super
    Best Wishes Pete

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  32. Review By: chuckiewuckiemusic Jan 9, 2019

    Excellent Vocalist and easy to work with!

  33. Review By: chuckiewuckiemusic Jan 2, 2019

    Pro Vocalist and the real deal!

  34. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 19, 2018

    Great Bluesy vocal from Joel always my honour to have Joel with me . Mega Love & this song is a fitting tribute to my friend so Thank you ;-)
    Best Wishes Pete

  35. Review By: housebeats Oct 18, 2018

    It was a honour to collaborate on music with You Joel, I'm grateful for the highest quality, soulful vocal. I'll be back soon to do more music with You Sir, Much Respect!

  36. Review By: msmimidiva Oct 11, 2018

    Stellar as usual! Such a gift and a gifted artist to work with. I love working with Joel because I know it’s going to be beautiful.

  37. Review By: Hundred Oct 6, 2018

    Joel, I love you.
    for bringing so wonderful to me.

  38. Review By: jmeekinsdrums Sep 19, 2018

    Incredible!! Amazing!! Great communication and his work exceeds any expectations I have! Thank you Joel!

  39. Review By: chrisroyer2001 Sep 17, 2018


  40. Review By: jmeekinsdrums Sep 14, 2018

    Perfect..everything about it! Thank you so much Joel!

  41. Review By: DingBingtau Sep 6, 2018

    Great Stuff from Joel as Always :-) His Beautiful Rich tones are just top notch stuff A++++
    An honour as always
    Best Wishes Pete

  42. Review By: jayenmusic Aug 30, 2018

    Awesome work! Thank you, definitely keep in mind for future projects !

  43. Review By: byronford Aug 22, 2018

    Ha! Excellent, Joel!
    Your vocal evoked the emotional nuance embedded in the lyric; yours was the voice in my head all along.
    What a personal blessing for me from the Father of Lights: to have been scrolling through, find someone with whose work I was familiar, and be able to contact him for a professional-grade performance. Just ... wow.
    Thanks for the ultra-smooth delivery — in your rendition as well as in your gracious alternate take and customer service.

  44. Review By: DingBingtau Aug 22, 2018

    So Good Joel , standard sky high like always. Love it .
    Be Back soon
    Best Wishes Pete

  45. Review By: tomish Aug 1, 2018

    Great job!

  46. Review By: DingBingtau Jul 9, 2018

    Love it Joel ;-) this one will make Mom and many others smile ;-) A+ ....Great as Always
    Chat soon ;-)
    Thank You

  47. Review By: magesongs Jun 27, 2018

    Whoah, your work was beyond my expectation. Your harmonies angelic. I can't thank you enough to give my song the vocal sound that's taken it to such a professional level.
    I'm sure will be back soon for more work.
    Million thanks again.

  48. Review By: DingBingtau Jun 12, 2018

    Yeah Joel :-) As always a pleasure to have you on this . I'm glad you like the chorus. Will be back for more very soon
    Pete :-) :-)

  49. Review By: isagyeman1 Jun 11, 2018


  50. Review By: isagyeman1 Jun 5, 2018

    Worth every penny!

  51. Review By: DingBingtau Jun 4, 2018

    Absolutely Super Joel .. such a gift, you make me happy. Its great having fresh new songs come to fruition and in this case its great to have a song that has been around for a few years now but NOW having a new Soul added to it . AMAZING
    Many Thanks and like always I will be back for more soon
    Best Wishes Pete

  52. Review By: Gimula May 22, 2018

    I actually need Ten Stars to rate the quality of work and talent I got on this track. Thanks Joel you Rock. I did not even detailed the kind of vocals I wanted and you nailed it just like that on the first take. Wow! Thanks for your talent and availability despite your busy schedule.
    The harmonies are so tasteful and bringing life into this song.
    I am grateful. Thanks so much. I will surely send the final product to you once it is all done. Safe travel
    Blessings to you my friend.

  53. Review By: mmiyashita623 May 9, 2018

    Thanks a lot for singing my song.

  54. Review By: mmiyashita623 May 9, 2018

    Thank you, it was beyond my expectation!

  55. Review By: DingBingtau May 9, 2018

    Thank you Joel :-) Tight on the beat and all is excellent ... :-) A+++ as always and I will be back soon
    Best Wishes Pete

  56. Review By: DingBingtau May 5, 2018

    Great Joel Wonderful to have you on this 100% performance like usual :-)
    Be back soon

  57. Review By: rafa Apr 10, 2018

    Thank you Joey,
    Your voice and interpretation has added a lot of character to my song. I will be back for another one very soon, ..I feel so lucky to have found you here !

  58. Review By: DingBingtau Apr 5, 2018

    Oh Yes, Love this Joel :-) Beautiful waltz ballad Great stuff ;-) A++
    Best Wishes Pete

  59. Review By: msmimidiva Mar 29, 2018

    Thank you once again Joey for the wonderful BGV's. I
    feel very honored to work with you.

  60. Review By: msmimidiva Mar 11, 2018

    Oh my! This far exceeded anything I could imagine. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  61. Review By: AronM Mar 8, 2018

    This was very well done and a great value!

  62. Review By: DingBingtau Mar 7, 2018

    Great take Joel Thank you very Much. Live music take, now has a lively vocal, greatness yes full of Vigor :-)
    Much appreciated I will be back very soon
    Best Wishes Pete

  63. Review By: Joshua40 Feb 28, 2018

    Wow! You know you are going to get some quality pro vocals every time you order from Joel, but still he seems to amaze you every single time. You've done it perfectly, again! Thanks!

  64. Review By: johnglasser Feb 9, 2018

    another great job. makes it look easy thanks again

  65. Review By: DingBingtau Feb 6, 2018

    Thank You Joel, Great take , happy you enjoyed this one. It is sounding real good and much enthusiasm which I really Love .
    I will be back soon :-)
    Best Wishes Pete

  66. Review By: DingBingtau Feb 5, 2018

    Great Joel Thank You Very much. And this fact is cool as well because while you were recording the vocal today, my piano friend Tom was recording some Fender Rhodes & Piano to this same song. The song has grown so much from this morning with both of you adding to it today. Marvellous . this song has got "Soulified" today Thank You :-)
    Best Wishes Pete

  67. Review By: DingBingtau Feb 1, 2018

    Yes Joel Super quick super cool, and it is smooth, you rounded out my rougher edges into a soulful way. Thank you :-)
    Yes you've "spread some joy"
    Thank you chat soon
    Pete :-)

  68. Review By: DingBingtau Jan 31, 2018

    Super Love it Joel :-) Energetic and Emotive Wonderful. On to the next one ;-) it will be coming sooon
    Best Wishes Pete

  69. Review By: normiebongos Jan 30, 2018

    Great vocals! Very friendly! Beautiful ad-libs!

  70. Review By: DingBingtau Jan 10, 2018

    Thank You Joel, Very nicely done . Super great as usual :-)
    I will be back soooon ;-)
    Best Wishes Pete

  71. Review By: DingBingtau Jan 5, 2018

    WOW Joel Wonderful Wedding Song, Done with time to spare for the Big Day :-) Many Many Thanks :-) A* :-)
    chat soon Best Wishes Pete

  72. Review By: Joshua40 Jan 4, 2018

    Joel has a great voice, delivers stunning results and is easy to work with. Hope to work with him again soon!

  73. Review By: DingBingtau Jan 3, 2018

    WOW Joel I Love it, I asked for "sung like the Springtime Sun is back after the cold Winter snow for new adventures to be found" and oh YEAHHH thats what I got :-) :-) Love it and you sung it while I was writing the next one, which is with you now ;-)
    Best Wishes Pete

  74. Review By: johnglasser Jan 2, 2018

    Really nice job. stepped out in places where it belonged and stayed true to the melody. we will be back

  75. Review By: DingBingtau Dec 29, 2017

    Love it Joel , Great to have this, new year , new song, motivates for more . Wonderful "Rejoice-ful" ending . Thank you Joel :-)
    Chat soon

  76. Review By: DingBingtau Dec 4, 2017

    Wonderful Joel, its Bluesy, its Soul, its very good. this song has various tempo changes.... that is no problem for Joel :-) Chat soon
    Top Stars
    Best Wishes Pete

  77. Review By: DingBingtau Nov 16, 2017

    Oh very cool and spontaneous , smooth and cool :-) Flemenco Soul Jazz Great
    Chat Soon

  78. Review By: DingBingtau Nov 13, 2017

    Thank You Joel ;-) lovely Pop Soul Ballad vocal here. Will show you after some beautiful planned piano & Saxophone is added, you done a great job telling the story. Chat soon
    Best Wishes Pete

  79. Review By: DingBingtau Nov 10, 2017

    Beautiful Joel. A Soulful Lullaby , really great. Timing, phrasing, melody spot on :-)
    Chat soon
    Best Wishes Pete

  80. Review By: DingBingtau Nov 2, 2017

    Oh My Joel this is Fantastic :-) so funky so much energy Super Love :-)
    chat soon Pete

  81. Review By: DingBingtau Nov 1, 2017

    Wonderful Joel :-) Dreamy yes good description :-) and like the very first line "Such a sophisticated natural grace" that is the whole vocal performance summed up right there :-) Wonderful
    Chat soon

  82. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 31, 2017

    WOW Exciting performance on this one The Silk Road ;-) makes me want to move ;-) great emotion.
    I'm just doing the next one and I am excited on what you will make of the next one, I just put a big String section on it, hope it will be a BIG ballad . This one here is great Dance Soul ;-)
    Love Pete

  83. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 26, 2017

    WOW its Mega Love :-) this one is Fantastic BIG Thank You for this :-) No Shelter for Monsters this is gooood stuff here
    Have a great weekend my friend
    Best Wishes Pete

  84. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 25, 2017

    Beautiful and so Speedy Joel ;-) Really pleased you like the Song :-) :-) Greatness
    Best Wishes Pete :-)

  85. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 25, 2017

    Love the Gospel Flair delivered here. Joel is the MAN for this :-) Another one coming soon
    Best Wishes Pete

  86. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 24, 2017

    BEAUTIFUL Joel, sung with love and passion just what was needed :-) :-)
    Lots of Love from Isle of Wight England the love is felt here :-)

  87. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 24, 2017

    YES Joel :-) Yes it Can & YES WE DID I like the Hope over Chaos comment HaHa so True my friend, you did great :-)
    On to the next one :-) :-)
    Best Wishes Pete

  88. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 20, 2017

    Oh yes Joel , you brought a bit of funky vocals to this one too, its opened up new ideas for the song. I love it :-)
    A+ as usual :-)

  89. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 20, 2017

    Love this Joel.... Beautifully Gospel strength in this one. Thank You so much :-)
    Chat more soon
    Love this
    Love from Pete

  90. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 19, 2017

    Excellent Powerful vocals in this one :-) Great stuff Joel :-)
    Best Wishes Pete :-)

  91. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 18, 2017

    Awesome Amazing :-) I LOVE it Joel :-) on to the next one :-)

  92. Review By: msmimidiva Oct 17, 2017

    Always great working with Joel. He finished the work quickly, too!

  93. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 16, 2017

    Another Great One Joel, adding the Soul to this Soul Blues one :-) Great stuff .

  94. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 13, 2017

    Amazing vocals Thanks Joel :-)
    5 Star defo :-)
    Best Wishes Pete

  95. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 13, 2017

    LOVE LOVE LOVE :-) Thank you so much .... on to the next one .
    Wonderful working with you
    Best Wishes Pete

  96. Review By: DingBingtau Oct 10, 2017

    Hello :-) Joel did a great job at the test trial & in a fast time. Offered insights on the range he can offer and I'm looking forward to working with him :-)
    Thank You Joel
    Best Wishes Pete

  97. Review By: msmimidiva Oct 10, 2017

    Wonderful again. Great working with Joel!

  98. Review By: msmimidiva Oct 2, 2017

    Amazing talent. Simply brilliant. Anything he does will exceed your expectations.

  99. Review By: Hundred Sep 30, 2017

    Perfect BGV Sound, Very and Gentle Nice Man,
    Joel made my music more than I can imagine.
    I'll be back for you, Joel.

  100. Review By: msmimidiva Sep 29, 2017

    Awesome high quality vocals!

  101. Review By: Pongamoo Sep 14, 2017

    Absolutely stellar performance. Thank you so much Joey!

  102. Review By: synthessis Sep 13, 2017

    Joel is the man! Have no doubt. His BGV's sound amazing and he is nice person to work with. Would give 10 stars if I could.

  103. Review By: DazzyB Sep 11, 2017

    Thanks Joel, you're a star ! Great vocal, love the adlibs and melody stylings. I'd say that's a take.
    I haven't written much for awhile so any feedback would sure be appreciated.
    Till next time.
    All the best !

  104. Review By: DazzyB Sep 9, 2017

    Thanks for the sample Joel, that's great ! I'll go ahead and order the lead if that works for you.

  105. Review By: Pongamoo Aug 20, 2017

    To say that I was amazed would be misleading, since I knew ahead of time that this artist's vocal would be amazing. If your song is missing that perfect male vocal, you owe it to yourself to consider this artist. I opted for the trial order that he offers, knowing full well that it was [really] a waste of his time, but he humored me and delivered 15 seconds of auditory candy. After hearing his voice, on our song, I couldn't place the full order fast enough!

    Thank you so much Joey!

  106. Review By: Pongamoo Aug 17, 2017