My vocals on your music (indie-rock, rock, pop) for $80

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By TijnSchell

My vocals on your music (indie-rock, rock, pop) for $80

Hi, I am Tijn. I am 17 years old and from the Netherlands. I have always been singing and have been taking singing lessons for 4 years now. I am always busy writing new songs and sometimes I like to play a cover. I also play in a Indie-rock band. I myself write mostly pop songs on the piano.

I am available for anything you want.

Since 2012 I am following an extra English class on school which makes my English better than you would expect from a Dutch guy ;).

I record with a devine bm-1000

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  1. Review By: Kaleidoscope Feb 1, 2018

    Tijn in a very talented singer. Very very quick turnaround at a very affordable price!
    Thank you VERY VERY much for your great job!
    All the best for you!