BGVs for all Styles and Genres. Large vocal range. for $75

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BGVs for all Styles and Genres. Large vocal range. for $75

I have been a professional performing and recording artist for 19 years. I have experience in many different genres (mainly known for pop, rock and country) and have the ability to adapt my voice accordingly. I've sang on many albums released world wide on major labels and have logged endless amounts of hours in both the studio and on stage. I'm a professional Nashville songwriter as well as an artist (WILKES). I produce, track and sing on all of my own releases and demos. Those recordings are pitched to countless artists and major labels around the world daily.
I have a much wider vocal range than most guys and am known for belting high notes and stacking harmonies. I can sing roughly four octaves at my extremities so I can cover just about any BGV you need. I was raised on southern gospel quartets as a kid which turned me into a bit of a harmony guru. I take a great deal of time choosing the perfect part to compliment the lead vocal. Each back ground vocal will be tuned and pocketed perfectly to the lead vocal.

One part harmony is $75 but I will do up to 3 parts for $25 extra for each part. Doubles are $20 extra per double. I can also provide "oo" and "ahh" parts upon request for a negotiated price. The price becomes more negotiable the more you need. If you need 3 part harmony, all doubled, octaves and a choir of "ahhh," I can work out a great package price with you. Songs over the typical 3:30 are subject to an additional fees.

I can deliver dry versions of the tracks as well as versions with my effects printed. I can also deliver only the vocal effects printed separately if you would like.

I am equipped with:
AKG C2000B

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** I do now do explicit material**

*Please note: My name or image can NOT be used in any way on songs I work. I prefer to stay anonymous unless specifically discussed and agreed upon, thank you.
*Revisions will not include full project overhauls

  • Country
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Folk
  • Hard Rock
  • Americana

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