Pro Male Vocals (Wide Range) Rock, Metal, EDM, Pop, RnB for $100

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Pro Male Vocals (Wide Range) Rock, Metal, EDM, Pop, RnB for $100

Please message me first with info about your project before ordering! I screen my orders so I am able to accommodate all of my gigs and provide the best service.

I am an experienced male vocalist and I believe my voice can best represent itself so please listen to the examples provided and decide if you like what you hear. I'm a singer with a unique tone, wide range and can do soft vocals AND powerful belts.
I have sung on a variety of genres ranging from Rock and Metal to EDM, Pop and RnB.
I CAN also scream so if you are in need of help for your Metal song then please get in touch.

All packages include the following
HQ audio up to 24 bit depth and 96kHz sample rate.
Dry vocals ready to be mixed into your song.

All vocals are recorded using a Shure SM7B.
Please also note that lyric and melody writing can be added for $60, as well as double tracking and harmonies for $15 each.

What to do once you have ordered:
Send me your:
Instrumental track
Reference Vocal & Lyrics (if applicable)

Custom gigs always available. Just send me a message and we can work something out :) I am also a level 2 seller on Fiverr with 100+ five star reviews under the name DJamesMusician so feel free to check my profile there as well if that helps.

Also, please be aware of my timezone (GMT). I always respond to messages as soon as I can.

If you have any other queries, please message me :)

Original Rock

An original hard rock song with my vocals throughout
  • Original Rock
  • Throne (cover)
  • Linkin Park - Numb (Acoustic)
  • Original Metal

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