Any-Style Vocals | Wet/Dry Stems Delivered Comp'd and Tuned for $200

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Idrise

Any-Style Vocals | Wet/Dry Stems Delivered Comp'd and Tuned for $200

Need a power vocalist for a Rock song? Or R&B? Pop? Urban? Latin? Country? Examples all provided, have a listen!

Be it Punk, Alternative, Grunge, or Pop... I've got you covered! I'll even make sure it's the best it can be, I am an engineer, vocal producer, and songwriter as well. I'll even come up with the stacks and harmonies and adlibs if you don't know where they should go or what should be done. This is what I do on the regular! 3 octave range, so challenge me.

Made final selection for NBC's The Voice, 2 years in a row, but declined contract (it's just not worth it)...

Let's do it!

If your song length is:
Up to 3 min = $200
Up to 4 min = $300
Up to 5 min = $400

For Songwriting Topline & Demo - $500
If you only need a lead recorded, no harmonies or BGVs.

An additional $200 if you need me to do the vocal production of the backgrounds and harmonies.

Things could be negotiable, so just hit me up if there's anything you have questions about.

The Pot

A cover of Tool's song, The Pot.
  • The Pot
  • Failure
  • Choices
  • That's Alright
  • Liar
  • Dream Big
  • 100 Preguntas
  • Can't Hate You
  • What Should Be
  • I Forgive You

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