In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Alessandro Hell Medri


With almost 17 years inside the music business, as vocalist, guitarist and composer, i worked as ghost singer for several vocal production all over the world inside Metal For Hire roster and as lead singer for the metal band Figure Of Six, with which i performed and composed the album "Welcome To The Freak Show". Make sure to check it out in order to understand the variety of vocal technique i can provide in your music.

I'm available for tracking your song, lead voice and max 3 backing harmonies doubled L+R (already arranged, MIDI or single audio tracks requested) for 150 $.
Some reviews of my previous works from my Metal For Hire personal Page:

By Dave
My first time using MFH so I wasn't sure what to expect and was a little apprehensive about trying to convey what I wanted in a long distance online messaging manner- but Alessandro was superb, went above and beyond, delivering more than I expected. He was very easy to work with, and undoubtedly an extremely talented, versatile vocalist! It is pretty much a guarantee I would want to work with him again on any future projects! Maximum recommendation from me. ?

By Viktor
I want to say thank you very much to Alessandro for his professionalism and high quality of work. Great, as always

By szemla
I have to say, this man, this GUY! The level of professionalism, patience, talent and hard work is a massive honour to be part of. Authenticity and honesty are important to me on every level and Alessandro is full of integrity and can't come highly recommended enough. I would say hire him, but I want him for all my projects so back the fuck off!!! hahahahaha Just kidding. Hire him immediately as he's above and beyond amazing and is a professional through and through. A true metal brother.

– Session Vocals and Vocal Producing;
– Song writing (lyrics, melody);
- Editing

Vocal range (Full Voice): E2-Ab5, available in different vocal timbre.
Main skills: Clean, Scratch, all kind of modern heavy distortion, emotional vocal performance, dramatic/theatrical vocal performance, solid vocal technique through a huge variety of musical genres.

I'll deliver you pro edited, dry stems, recorded in 48 or 96kHz, 24 bit with Neumann U87.

But Deliver Us From Evil

Original Song by A. Medri - Produced by J. Marlett (Queen Of The Stone Age. Blink 182)
  • But Deliver Us From Evil
  • The Wandering Isle
  • The Mirror's Cage
  • We Are The Champions

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