Country Demo Singer for $150

In Vocals (Male) By Justin Morgan

Country Demo Singer for $150

If you need a Brett Young or Chris Stapleton vibe for your country demo, you've come to the right place. Depending on what your song needs, my vocals can easily lean more pop-country or classic country. My vocals have been been featured in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials as well as a top 20 Billboard single.

I record on a Neumann U-87 and a AKG 414 microphone along with high end preamps and a UA LA2a compressor all through Pro tools.

If needed, revisions are done to correct errors. If I mess up a lyric or some other aspect of your tune, I will sing it until it is right!

Price includes lead vocals. Up to 2 harmonies can be added for $25

If you need a work-for-hire situation in order to release the tune with my vocals or you'd like to pitch to TV/Film with my vocal, that can be arranged for an additional fee.

Toast to the Stars

Style: Brett Young
  • Toast to the Stars
  • Hangover
  • Rest of the Moon
  • Drink It In

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