Country Singer for $140

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Nelson Blakeney

Country Singer for $140

Songwriters seeking a country male vocalist to sing their material for demos/song pitching and/or release to the public. Collaborating with client to ensure satisfaction from start to finish.
Singing is done in my home studio using AKG C214 or the Superlux CM-H8D through a Presonus interface using Logic Pro X or Studio One pro.
Demos available upon request. Can also collaborate on song writing. Delivery is 10 days from start of project. Please book in advance. All vocals are recorded raw, uncompressed, not processed, 24 bit wav files. You get 1 main vocal track (comped from 5 vocal takes) and if you need harmonies I can provide 2 part. Harmonies are $40.00 extra per part.

Fingers Crossed

Original Country Upbeat
  • Fingers Crossed
  • I've Tried
  • Right Where I Belong

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