Session vocalist for $80

In Vocals (Male) By Daniel Gonzalez

Session vocalist for $80

.I record all my guitars at my homestudio and my skills set lets me achieve a high quality sound. I have studied Classical Singing and music theory at the Conservatoire of Music of Canarias (2015 - 2017, Canary Islands, Spain) and Contemporary Singing at The Academy of Contemporary Music (2017-2019, Guildford, England), and also, I have studied music production at IES Politecnico Las Palmas (2013-2015, Canary Islands, Spain) and The Academy of Contemporary Music (mentioned above).

Regarding my experience as a vocalist, I have been singing as a lead a backing vocalist with many different bands (including tribute bands and originals), going through a wide range of genres, including jazz, pop, country, rock, blues, rock n' roll, acoustic, metal, soul, RnB and more. I can also record harmonized backing vocals.

My gear details:
- Rode NT1-A condenser microphone
- Cubase EL Al Elements 9
- Akai EIE Pro sound interface

This service includes three takes of a performance of a maximum lenght of 4 minutes with 5 revisions and edits in just 15 days, at a cost of only $80!

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