Male Vocal/Catchy Topline/Heartfelt Lyrics - Award Winning for $250

In Vocals (Male) By Rory Sullivan

Male Vocal/Catchy Topline/Heartfelt Lyrics - Award Winning for $250

Already have a music track but you need someone to finish writing melody, lyrics and record a strong vocal?

Hi, I'm Rory. I'm an indie/folk singer/songwriter with 12 years writing/guitar/singing performance and recording experience. I'm the grand prize winner for the Cd Baby and Sarah Evans songwriting competitions and a finalist in others including The International Songwriting contest, Independent Music Awards, among others. I've also written for off Broadway plays including, "Versailles" and for documentary films, "Finding Seoul".

I write constantly for many different projects of my own including a lot here on Airgigs and regular freelance. My specialties are Folk/Pop/Acoustic/Country, but can lend my expertise to any genre as long as I have a good background of the project.

I am a perfectionist in my work ethic so any client can expect the highest degree of performance on any project. I'm also easy to work with and want you to leave feeling you have the best product possible.

My mics include a Gauge m85, Sure SM-86, and Beta 87. My DAW is Logic Pro X and I use a Focusrite Forte interface. I can provide a client with either a professional high-quality raw vocal track.

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