Rockstar PRO Session Vocalist for $185

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Scott Foster Harris

Rockstar PRO Session Vocalist for $185

Former Lead Vocalist for LA GUNS who hammers professional studio vocals all over the world with Analog Heat and Vocals-With-Meat... If Jim Morrison had a baby with Robert Plant and that baby grew up and became the lead singer for the Rival Sons.

I get em knocked out and back over to you ASAP!!! Every task is performed with the upmost passion, care, and attention. 100% money-back guarantee. I'm a super friendly guy so shout at me for anything!

I consistently record Blues, Country, Jazz, Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, and Big Band. I record Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Doubles, Oooos and Ahhhs, and anything else that a song might need. Every song tells a specific story and incites a specific feeling so each one needs its own rendering. Contact me with your ideas and I'm sure we'll figure something out!

My vocals are tracked professionally and passionately using high-end analog gear (1176's, LA2A's, Pultec's, Neve 1073's, API 512's) and high-end mics (U-87's, U47's). I sing on tracks from all over the world and am incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about each and every one. I also write lyrics and top lines if a track or project needs lyrics and melodies written. I've been published since 2005 and am happy to help craft a song if the project calls for it.

I've enjoyed singing to crowds and tracking in studios day in and day out for the last 15 years. I've written songs for previous bands of mine that have ended up on MTV and have enjoyed various LA Music Awards for songs I've written and recorded on. I'm the ex-frontman for LA Guns, the Tracii Guns League of Gentlemen, and Zen Rizing and have been involved in projects with Tracii Guns from Guns-N-Roses, Dexter Navy, Trailer Choir, and a variety of other rock, blues, and country acts in Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, and Vienna, Austria.

You will LOVE what I do. And if for whatever reason you're not 100% happy with my work, you shall get 100% of your money back :)

Heaven In Your Eyes

  • Heaven In Your Eyes
  • Feels Good To Be Bad
  • Dance In The Fire

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