Warm, Breathy Vocals (Lead + Backup) for $100

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Cooper Moss

Warm, Breathy Vocals (Lead + Backup) for $100

Hi! My name is Cooper and I have:
- Completed OVER 150 vocal projects for Clients
- Worked with CMA & Grammy winning Hit-Songwriters like Robert Jason and Don Goodman
- Opened for Dennis DeYoung (STYX) and Printz Board (Producer: Black Eyed Peas, CeeLo Green, John Legend)
- Had my vocal performances optioned for a Hallmark Film and TV

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I love to sing and would love to help you create the best possible recording of your song!

If you are interested in a 24-HOUR EXPRESS SERVICE, I also offer that!

If you'd like female Background Vocals, my bandmate is happy to sing on the track as well for an extra fee!

If you're interested in acoustic guitar for your song, I can play that as well

If you want a singer songwriter, I can also WRITE and RECORD the vocals to your song. Just send me a message
I have my own home studio with a Logic X setup and record with an SM27 as well as a Blue Baby Battle microphone.

I provide lead vocals for the base rate of $75
For harmonies and ad-libs it is an additional $25 fee.

These rates only apply to songs under 5 minutes. Longer duration songs are negotiable.
Any questions? Send me a message!


Performed, Written, and Recorded by Me!
  • Buzzcut
  • Away in a Manger (Cover)
  • LeSabre
  • Take Me Alive

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