Vocoder Sessions for $150

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By HQ Vocoding

Vocoder Sessions for $150

We offer top class vocoder lines with the highest quality to achieve standard professional productions.

HQ Vocoding's gear includes:

- Analog Vocoders (including in our opinion the best vocoder ever!)
- Digital Vocoders
- Analog Synths
- Digital Synths
- V.A. Synths
- First class microphone (Neumann)
- First class interface and converters (UA Apollo)
- Protools 12
- UAD System (SSL, Neive 1073, LN1176, Teletronix, Distressor, Lexicon, EMT, etc)

Example 2

Daft Punk cover (Just vocoder lines were recorded by HQ Vocoding in this cover). No commercial use of this material will be made. It is just an example to show one type of vocoder sound we can achieve.
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