Topline Writer/Singer-Songwriter for $200

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Aeron Komila

Topline Writer/Singer-Songwriter for $200

I am a singer/songwriter & producer based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
I work with Cubase & Reason 10 for production and editing.
I have worked in the past with Thea Riley, & Remeya Kingston as featured vocalists on my Trance productions.
I have written songs for Remeya Kingston and Maratone.
My tracks have charted in Beatport's Trance top 100 on six different occasions.
My primary focus is in Trance/EDM, but I am able to write for virtually any style of music. I have many years of formal training as well, and I have been writing music and lyrics since I was a child.

With this service I will provide:
one lead vocal track
one double track
one harmony
and an adlib track

I will provide revisions (unlimited, but within reason please) if necessary.

Hurts When I Breathe

Vocal Trance
  • Hurts When I Breathe
  • Rise Again

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