Sax Solo, Riffs and Fills for your Song for $130

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Freddy de Lord

Sax Solo, Riffs and Fills for your Song for $130

Depending on your specifications, I can provide a classy Tenor Sax solo to lift any track and give it that extra professional touch. From Soul, Funk, Jazz and raucous Rock'n'Roll, to cheesy 80's Pop, I can bring it to your record. If it is horn lines you're after I can also compose and record a tight, polished sax section.

I started on the London music scene in my teens, jamming with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Michael Kiwanuka. Since then, I have graduated in Jazz Music and toured and recorded with numerous artists including 70's Soul legend, Sir Joe Quarterman, Incognito singer Linda Muriel and Matt Henry from 'The Voice' UK.

I record in my home studio with an SE Titan Condenser Mic, which for my instrument creates a rich, warm clarity. I use an Apogee Duet interface in conjunction with Logic Pro 9.

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